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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

Parade – Need to establishing your identity

Parent – Carrying influence of parent

Park – The heart (more); Amusement Park: healing for depression, request to enjoy yourself.

PartnerIn room or place with: nature of the relationship

Party – Dreamer's birth

Pearl – Counselor (more)

PenFountain pen or unusual pen: Inspired writer (more)

Photocopier – Reproductive system

Photograph – Need to be objective about subject matter of dream

Pig – Can indicate the dreamer is not comfortable with their body; Head: pun on being pig-headed about subject matter of the dream.

Pink – See colors

Place of origin – Influences from the past

Plaster Falling off walls: Candida albicans

Plane – See airplane

Plate – Ideal, goal

Poet – Inspired writer (more)

Police – Guides (more)

Politician – Guide (more)

Post office – Medium / Channel (more)

Poster – Absent healer, hypnotist, projector (more)

Postman – Medium / Channel (more)

Potted plant – Uterus

Pool – Click here

Power source – Hands-on / Spiritual healer (more

Pregnancy – Click here

Pregnant – Click here

Prison – repression of feelings

Prophetic dreams – Dreamer is prophetic (more)

Psychic – Intuitive, Psychic (more)

Pub – social contact; Getting drunk: repression of feelings

Pulling pints Heart, circulatory system, emotions (more)

Pump, air pump, petrol pump, etc. Heart, circulatory system, emotions (more)

Purple – See colors

Purse – Heart, circulatory system (more)

Pyramid – Meditation



A-Z Dream Dictionary