Identifying Spiritual Gifts / Powers

Most of us can accept that particular individuals have or had Spiritual Powers. For example, Jesus Christ, Moses, the apostles, Buddha, etc.. When people marvelled at Jesus healing powers he said others could do even greater things than he (John:14:11-12). The truth is that we all have specific Gifts and what they are can be seen clearly in our dreams.

More and more people these days are accepting that they themselves have the ability to develop specific powers and undertake courses to develop them. However, since your gifts are specific to you, it is important that you know which gifts you need to develop. It is easy to be awed by somebody displaying a well developed power. Don't fall into the trap of developing an ability because you think you can make money at it. Money is of secondary concern to the real value of developing and using your gifts.

This section helps you to identify the gift or gifts in your dreams. First determine that the dream concerns your Spirituality and then look for the following symbols.


  • Color green with pink (or peach).
  • Books, newspapers, libraries, pearls, snakes, bridge. A history of isolation in the family. Ability to harmonize opposites
  • Counselor as guide.

"Hands On" Healer (energizer)


  • Color gold.
  • Hands-on healer, gold, sun, gold coins, hands, food, powerful horse, powerful car or motorbike, power source, generator, influence of dad.
  • A rheumatic healer is indicated by copper or copper coins in dreams.
  • A crystal healer is indicated by diamonds and other crystals.
  • Healer as guide, waiter serving food or drink.

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Intuitive / Psychic

  • Color silver or indigo

  • Silver, silver coins, moon, light, lamp, third eye.

  • Babies born developed or with a sixth sense.

  • Unusual large windows or glass doors on a house.

  • Influence of mother is important so may show up in dreams.

  • Psychic as a guide.

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Medium / Channel

  • Reference to twins or two of anything, attention drawn to aisles between rows of seats in a church, flying with guide, post office, music, puns on the word channel (e.g. Channel Isles, etc.), dolphins, whales, cylinder, tube, etc..
  • Postman, singer, actor, film star or medium as guide.

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Automatic / Inspired Writer / Poet

  • Magic pen
  • Poet or Shakespeare as guide

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  • Telephone

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  • Television set
  • An eye.

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  • Radio, references to the ear, telephone.

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  • Color soft or pearl white
  • Crystal ball, birds (especially high flying eagle), dreams where you just knew what would happen next, prophetic dreams, etc..
  • Fortune teller as guide

Spiritual Teacher / Leader

  • Color purple.
  • Groups, puns on the word mass (influencing the masses).
  • The pope, bishop or queen as guide.

Absent healer / Projector / Hypnotist

  • Radio station, television station, puns on the word poster, looking inside a persons body, TV personality.
  • Hypnotist, TV personality, etc. as guide.

Psychic surgeon

  • Looking inside a persons body

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