Use Your Dreams to Identify Your Life Purpose and Spiritual Gifts
by interpreting dreams using the Aisling Method




About Michael

Michael SheridanMichael Sheridan is Ireland's favorite dream expert. He was a regular on the #1 TV talk show in Ireland, Ireland AM, as well as a regular on Ireland's most popular radio shows, including the Inbox on 98FM, sharing the stage with both metaphysical and movie stars such as Paddy McMahon and Frank Vincent. He's appeared on the BBC and countless other premier media outlets, interpreting dreams for his wide audience.

He's the author of two books as well as a radio host with his own show on KKNW. His passion is to see people become all they came here to be and to live their life to its fullest potential. He does this by interpreting dreams. From reading your dreams, he can give clear direction on your life purpose, reveal the gifts that you brought with you to help achieve that purpose, and uncover the blocks you need to overcome to step into alignment.

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Alignment through Dream Interpretation

  • Discover your life purpose & spiritual gifts
  • Improve your relationships
  • Restore your health & avoid future health problems
  • Step into alignment with your higher-self

For over 25 years I've been changing people's lives by interpreting their dreams and telling them why they are here. I help people overcome their blocks and step into alignment with their life purpose. I put them in touch with their gifts, and explain how and why to use them.

I've watched people listen to their dreams and regain their health. I've seen years of depression abruptly end. I've seen chronic migraines disappear. I've seen people become happy again. All from following the lessons on my course and listening to my interpretations on the Dream Tracker's Guide to Discovering Your Life Purpose. I'd love to tell you what your dreams are really saying.

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allignment through dream interpretation


Who is it for?

Aisling Dream Interpretation is suitable for both beginner and advanced dream interpreters. It's for you if;

  • You have good dream recall or an interest in dreams
  • You want to improve an aspect of your life
  • You are willing to do what your dreams ask


who is it for


How does it work?

This varies depending on the service you select.

Retainer Service

  • You send me as many of your dreams as you like over the course of a month.
  • I selected the pertinent dreams (or all depending on service)
  • Twice per month we talk one to one.
  • I tell you exactly your dreams are saying, including their feedback on changes you've made. I advise on how to follow their advice.

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Dream Interpretation Courses

During the course, your understanding of dreams shifts dramatically and your questions multiply. This in turn affects your dreams, so over the 8 weeks of the course your dreams typically end up imparting an intense series of messages followed by detailed clarification.

  • You send me as all your dreams over the duration of the 8 week course.
  • I selected the pertinent dreams (or all depending on quantity)
  • Each week in the live Q&A call, I tell you exactly your dreams are saying, including their feedback on changes you've made.

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how does it work



I have been working with my dreams for 15+ years and I always knew that one day they would bring significant meaning and depth to my life and to my relationships. That day finally arrived when I took Michael Sheridan's dream course. I can't begin to explain how blown away I was and still am by his process for analyzing dreams. The course is structured so that you not only see dreams analyzed by Michael (which is so fun and so insightful!) but you also get to take home real tools and steps to analyze your own dreams.

By using his process I have unlocked so many mysteries of my own life (too many to count!), including minor health issues, spiritual gifts I have (and now use!) and discovering my life's purpose.

Michael's humor makes the class comfortable and makes the material approachable and fun! There is no other course that I would more highly recommend for anyone wanting insight into their dreams and into their lives.

Jaime Dyson, Texas

This course exceeded my expectations! I have taken a broad range of courses in my lifetime, but I have never taken one that I can actually use every morning when I awaken, to help me understand myself better.

I highly recommend this course to anyone in search for a deeper understanding of their own spiritual gifts.

The money I spent on this course was well spent! Michael truly has a gift to take you further than you believe you can go. He teaches you how to analyze your dreams and assist you in identifying your life purpose and recognizing your spiritual gifts, which we all have.

Without a doubt the lessons I learned and the tools he shared with us will forever enlighten my spiritual journey.

Thank you Michael for sharing your gift with all of us! 

Erin O'Leary, Washington

This is a very enlightening and intensive course, well worth the money! You will walk away with keys to tend to specific areas of your own life that require attention in order to move forward, also gain a lot of insight into how the mind works in tangent with spirituality.

This is a spiritual but non-religious course, friendly to open minded people from any background who want to go deeper in a safe environment. Michael's book has a lot of helpful information on interpreting your own dreams but a group focus, especially with a dream guru, will point out things you would never see working on it by yourself.

We also learned personalized (guided by our individual dreams) and general techniques to connect to our spiritual side and were each given a lot of positive and encouraging feedback on who we are as individuals and what our unique spiritual gifts were. This is also a fun course so be ready to laugh and cry.

Amanda Boyd, Washington

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