Interpretation Service Retainer
From $279 to $499

Michael Sheridan

I offer this interpretation services on retainer. This goal oriented service gives you regular access to me, to have your dreams expertly analyzed. I will call you to discuss what you hope to achieve from having your dreams analyzed. Your recent dreams will also be worked on. Going forward, simply email me your dreams as you have them and we will typically analyze them that day.

Due to time constraints, this service is very limited and offered on a first come, first served basis. You can also cancel at any time during any month. Service will continue for the remainder of that month and automatically cancel thereafter. Service costs are $279 or $499 per month, paid on initiation of service and monthly on the anniversary of service.


Occasional Dreamer $279 Per Month

This is suited for you if you occasionally remember your dreams or are only interested in specific dreams.

Frequent Dreamer $499 Per Month

This is suited for you if you frequently remember your dreams

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