Dream Interpretation Tutorial

There are four parts to this tutorial each with several sections. It is best to go through these in order but once you have covered The Basics of Dream Interpretation you can skip to any of the other sections. 

The Basics of Dream Interpretation

The Basics Tutorial comes in five parts. The first three parts are essential to understanding dreams so give yourself the time to read them. You'll cover them in 20 minutes. After that you'll be able to start analyzing your own dreams. The fourth part covers numbers which come up quite a lot in dreams as the cost of purchasing something or the number of people in a car or room. The fifth part is a dictionary to help you determine the subject matter of your dream. More...


Dreams and Our Health
When we ignore aspects of our functioning, our dreams will redress the balance by giving 'symbolic' expression to these aspects, while at the same time attempting to give healing for the 'conditions' which cause us to ignore these aspects in the first place.

If the messages and healing in dreams are constantly ignored or blocked we may develop a physical problem in an area affected by the imbalance. This allows us to predict from dreams the physical problems a person will develop far in advance of any physical symptoms. More importantly, our dreams show us what has caused us to be the way we are. With this knowledge we can address the cause rather than the symptoms of an illness. More...


Colors in Dreams

The interpretation of colors in dreams comes from their interpretation in the human aura. As with anything else in your dreams each color is there for one of three reasons. 

  1. To heal you
  2. To guide you
  3. To indicate your normal reaction to the subject matter



The Spiritual Dimension of Dreams

We all have at least one spiritual ability and our dreams relentlessly remind us of them and why we need to develop them. People who feel drawn to work in the spiritual field usually do so out of a desire to help others. Most soon learn, however, that in order to become good at what they do they must first help themselves by clearing any baggage they are carrying from childhood, relationships or other negatively conditioning environments they were subjected to. If you work in this field and have not done this your dreams will show how the negative conditioning inhibits your ability. They will also show under what circumstances you should use particular abilities. More...

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