The Aquarian Age - A Speeding Up

The vibration of the earth is increasing and this is creating more opportunities for increasing awareness for its occupants. You will probably have noticed how much more accepted it is today to talk about ‘awareness’ and guides or guardian angels. Not too long ago people were persecuted for believing in such things. This is often at the heart of our fears about developing our own spiritual gifts. Today more and more people see and talk to their guides.

We are experiencing a shift from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius. The difference we will see between the two ages is much the same as the difference we see between male and female energy. It would be useful to refer to the male and female aspects described in issue 1 at this point. So what does this mean for our evolution?

We can see the male institutions around us losing their control. In Pisces societies we have institutions ‘outside’ of ourselves to which we are told to go for help for separate aspects of our functioning. We go to the doctor to heal us of dis-ease in the body. We go to the church for spiritual guidance and salvation. We turn to the psychologist for emotional and mental problems and scientists for explanations about our reality, etc. All the time we are told that we are not expert on these subjects and must look outside of ourselves for solutions to our problems. These institutions condition us to disassociate ourselves from our problems. However, this ‘not owning’ our problems prevents us from finding their cause and solving them as we tell ourselves we are incapable of solving them ourselves.

With the dawning of Aquarius we are realizing that all aspects of our functioning are interconnected and that we are responsible for our reality. That cannot be over stated. Once we accept this basic premise we can then accept that we are responsible for everything in our lives. We can change our reality by changing how we think. This may sound incredible to somebody suffering from cancer, but health is free should we simply choose (at a soul level) to be healthy. We merely need to look to the aspect of our functioning, which we have ignored or separated from, which causes the disease.

We hold the keys to our reality and are directors and stars in a play where we draw the complete cast of characters to ourselves based on how we think. Each event in our lives is designed for and by us as an opportunity to evolve. There is no such thing as bad luck. Every moment is an opportunity to be grasped.

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