Color in Dreams


In this section I cover the significance of color in dreams. Often the colors alone are enough to determine the subject matter or full meaning of a dream. To show the simplicity of this I have included an example dream with an interpretation based on colors. Colors in your dreams have the same meaning as colors in your aura. For this reason I have also included an article on the chakras and the aura.

We often overlook the power of color. Today we find therapies based on color healing where the therapist makes use of colored lights to heal the patient. Use the color chart to help you determine what your dreams are attempting to heal in your life.

It is noticeable that many people are unaware of colors in their dreams until they realize how meaningful the colors actually are. So from now on, when recording your dreams, include details about the colors.

Colors are in your dreams as a form of healing or guidance. The negative shades and negative combinations of colors are reflections of your fears and reservations about such healing and guidance. For example, if you find yourself in a pink room, a green field, a yellow toilet, driving a brown car, watching an orange sun the dream is trying to heal you with love (pink), harmony (green), letting go (yellow), practicality (brown), ambition (orange) and so on. Refer to the color healing chart later.

Colors worn or brought by a healing agent (a positive, helpful or supportive character) indicate what emotions you need to develop in yourself to ensure good health.

Colors worn or brought by a guide (a positive character in a position of authority) indicate what gifts (healing, intuition, etc.) you should develop and use.

Negative shades of colors worn by negative male characters indicate what negative attributes you ‘picked up’ from dad. For example, a black coat indicates that you copied his fear or he made you afraid.

Negative shades of colors worn by negative female characters indicate the negative effect your mother had on you. For example, a red and black dress indicates anger.

The position of the color is important. Colors underfoot or where you must walk show what you must overcome in yourself. For example, black and white tiles (a need to overcome extremism), day old chickens on the floor (immature fears need to be overcome).

Colors high up on the wall or in the sky indicate something to strive for or ideals.


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