The Four Rules of Interpretation

Everything is Me | Cause and Effect | Personal Responsibility | Avoidance

1. Everything Is Me

For the beginner, this is probably the most difficult aspect of dreams to accept. Dreams of family members, friends, enemies, - all represent various aspects of the dreamer's personality - e.g. ideas, emotions, hopes, fears, ideals, etc..

Solid things such as houses, buildings, cars, etc. reflect the physical body. For example, the structure of a house being shown in bad repair indicates poor health in present or future time

Symbols of fire in dreams, such as fire, bombs, electricity, etc. represent the dreamers emotions. For example, a dream in which lightning is striking and causing damage to a house is demonstrating how negative emotions (lightning) are affecting the dreamer's physical health (structure of house being damaged).

Air, atmosphere or the interior of a room show the dreamer’s state of mind. For example, a dark gloomy room would be a depressed personality while a dirty, dingy room would indicate a negative or angry mind.

Water symbols i.e. sea, rivers, lakes, canals, etc. reflect the spiritual or cultural life of the dreamer. How water appears or is organized indicates the dreamer's philosophy of life. A river indicates the dreamer needs a more free spiritual flow. A canal or swimming pool, both man made structures, indicates man-made or conventional ideals are restricting the dreamer's Spiritual flow. A lake or pool indicates that the dreamer does not have a spiritual outlet. The sea or ocean indicates the dreamer's spirituality / life is the subject matter. Diving into the any body of water is a request for the dreamer to get into life.

The state of the water can also indicate the condition of the dreamer's blood. Polluted water indicates a need to cleanse the blood by a change of diet and/or improved elimination

Since everything in the dream is an aspect of the dreamer we must always consider what aspects are represented by

  • Objects, Location
  • Adults, Children, Animals
  • Colors, Emotions
  • Activities, Puns


2. Cause and Effect

All the symbols in dreams are linked to show cause and effect. Apparently UN-connected things - people, emotions and events are linked in a chain of cause and effect. In other words find a symbol to show the cause of the dreamer's problem and another symbol to illustrate the effect. This is important because if the effect is not being experienced in the present time then it will be in the future.

You can also use this rule to show why the dreamer is ill, depressed, cannot get on with their spouse, boss, partner or why their career is not getting off the ground.


3. Personal Responsibility

This rule can be quite difficult to grasp but the rule does not vary. The dreamer is ALWAYS responsible for what happened, is happening, can happen or will happen in the dream. For example, in dreams we find all kinds of apparent accidents, blockages to progress, etc. which inhibit movement. On the surface these SEEM to be outside our control but when we apply this rule we find that we are responsible for our own progress. Look for delays at an airport (meaning reluctance to get a new project off the ground) or roadblocks or obstructions in the path (meaning reluctance to clear obstacles to progress).


4. Avoidance

Look for what the dreamer is trying to avoid in the dream. This is what he needs to accept or face up to in waking life. Dreams try to create wholeness or completeness in the dreamer by drawing scattered aspects of his personality together. For example, a person in real life may separate himself from his emotions and in the dream he may still try to avoid them. His dreams will insist that he accept these and all other aspects of his personality. Similarly, dreams ask the dreamer to face his fears. In this way he can come to terms with them and heal them.

For example: In a particular dream the dreamer is standing on top of the General Post Office in Dublin in a war type scene. There is a scaffolding around the building. At one point in the dream the dreamer fears for her life and steps back from the edge of the roof. This is an obvious example of avoidance. In this dream the dreamer is 'stepping back' from using her spiritual gift of channeling.


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