Guides & Guidance in Dreams

Here I want to come back to the subject of guidance in dreams. At this stage in the course you will be more open to the idea of guides or guardian angels. However, even people who are aware of their guides can be surprised at how much they limit their guidance. As you might expect you can see just how much you do limit their guidance, and what causes you to do this, from your dreams.

The subject of guides or guardian angels tends to be black and white in people's minds. People are either fully accepting of the concept or don't believe in it at all. I find that the best way to open somebody's mind to the idea is to show them how to see them and I often do this in the class. It generally only takes about ten minutes for everyone in the class to be able to see them. After this point it is easier to discuss them and explain how and why they help with our lives. I am not asking you, the reader, to believe me that guides exist. However, just because the concept may be new to you does not mean that they don't. We live in a world where we expect to 'see' something if it is real. However, when you think about it we believe in a lot of things that we ourselves may never have seen or never will. I have never seen Japan but I believe it exists! I have never seen an atom or molecule. For anything to become accepted in our modern world somebody had to first conceptualize it, and then discover a way to prove its existence. Radio, radiation, X-Rays, microwaves, etc., etc.. Devices had to be 'invented' to prove their existence but they existed before these devices proved it.

I am saying this so that you find it easier to keep an open mind. An open mind does not mean that you must believe. Don't believe me! Believe yourself and look for corroborative evidence to support or refute what you read. We all have different paths so it does not reflect badly on anyone if you decide to hold to a different truth than others. That being said I will now outline briefly how guides come into our lives.

Before being born we planned and prepared ourselves for a life which would best suit the lessons we need to learn. We were also assigned spirit guides who could best help us for our stay on the planet. Although not advisable, it is possible to plan a life and incarnate without the help of guides. However, if at any stage you ask for help a guide or guides are only too willing to work with you.

Guides do not interfere or try to control you in any way. It would be inconsistent with their level of awareness to do so. This also precludes them from helping unless asked by you. So remember to ask! They seek to help by empowering you to find your answers. This may be a difficult concept to grasp as most of us do not do this. Guides arrange all sorts of ‘coincidences’ by which you find yourself in the right place at the right time. However, guides do not control the choices you make and you can find yourself letting an opportunity pass you by.

When you get a flash of inspiration or a feeling and go with it you are following guidance. However, if instead you rationalize what you have received and let emotion take over you block or limit the guidance. The more you follow your feelings the more open you become to guidance.

It is useful to always keep in mind their method of helping. The next time you are asked for help by a fellow soul seek to empower them by openly sharing what you know. Make it your intention to empower others and opportunities to do so will unfold. You can then let go of karma and move onto the path of dharma (also known as Christ Consciousness) where you repay your debts through service to others.

The book that I found the best at describing Guides, Guidance and the purpose of Life on Earth is The Grand Design by Patrick Francis.

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