Develop Your Spiritual Gifts
8 Week Lightworker Coaching

Jacki Campbell & Michael Sheridan

Starts April 7, 2019

Do you want confirmation on what your specific abilities are, and guidance on how to develop them?

If so, this coaching may be for you. Michael Sheridan analyzes your dreams to determine your spiritual gifts. Jacki Campbell channels your guides, in trance, to tell you exactly how to develop and use those gifts. Here's the breakdown.

Michael Sheridan

Week 1: Join our Mastermind Community and submit your dreams. Keep submitting your dreams for 7 weeks.

Week 2: Join our first webinar where Michael will reveal your gifts from analyzing your dreams. Each participant is assigned a personal report card. This lists your gifts and their order of importance. It may also list other significant details from the analysis of your dreams.

Week 3: Join Jacki as she trance channels your guides, and coaches you on how to develop and use your gifts. It's a group session but the coaching is personalized for each participant. The group session allows you to also benefit from what others are learning. Jacki's channeling often reveals why you have the particular gifts you have.

Jacki Campbell

Week 4: Jacki will coach you in a personal session just for you. This gives a safe, private container to explore deeper meaning of both your gifts and your relationship to your guides.

Weeks 4 - 7: Join Jacki for 4 more webinars where she trance channels answers to your questions along with further coaching for developing and using your gifts. Again, coaching is personalized for each participant.

Weeks 3 - 7: Continue to submit your dreams. Michael will scan them for further details about your gifts and continue to update your personal report card.

Week 8: Jacki coaches you in a second personal session, just for you.


This course is a component of our main course. This is the first time we are running it as a separate course. These testimonials are from our main course.


Pay in Full: $597

Reserve my place*: $150
*Balance due by April 7

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