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Our Health

When we ignore aspects of our functioning, our dreams will redress the balance by giving 'symbolic' expression to these aspects, while at the same time attempting to give healing for the 'conditions' which cause us to ignore these aspects in the first place.

If the messages and healing in dreams are constantly ignored or blocked we may develop a physical problem in an area affected by the imbalance. This allows us to predict from dreams the physical problems a person will develop far in advance of any physical symptoms. More importantly, our dreams show us what has caused us to be the way we are. With this knowledge we can address the cause rather than the symptoms of an illness.


The Digestive & Elimination System

The digestive system is affected most by our male energy and because of this we see dreams often link problems in this area with dad. Dad may have been very black and white or judgmental and we could have picked up this way of operating from him. Our body reflects to us how we are and if we psychologically hold onto things from the past (i.e. have difficulty eliminating out-dated thoughts) our body will follow suit and develop difficulties with the elimination system. More...


The Circulatory System
The circulatory system is affected by our female energy and because of this we see dreams link problems in this area with mother. Mother may not have bonded properly with us at birth and because of this as an infant we feel unloved. A new infant learns how to love from mother. If mother does not give love unconditionally (eg. white heart presented to dreamer in dream) the dreamer has missed out on a vital lesson which is likely to lead to difficulty with understanding his/her own feelings. More...


The Reproductive System

The reproductive system appears in dreams under many guises. The most common symbols I encounter are the bedroom and mirrors. Like any other subject matter of a dream you will usually find more than one symbol to reinforce the subject matter. In both Europe and Australia I have come across people who dreamt of a photocopier in the bedroom. As bizarre as this first seems, the symbols are self explanatory. The bedroom is easily accepted as a symbol for reproduction while the photocopier is a reproductive system itself. The dream will then relate other symbols to the reproductive system. More...


The Respiratory System

The respiratory system is likely to show up in dreams of smokers, people with asthma or other respiratory problems. As a subject matter it is not very common in dreams. More...


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