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Dreams and your Health

The Heart & Circulatory System

Heart related illness is responsible for over 50% of all deaths in the western world. Although many are aware of this staggering statistic they view it merely as a statistic. For some reason people don't relate well to statistics. I find this on my courses all the time. I am often asked for symbols that indicate cancer but NEVER asked how dreams indicate heart problems! This in itself is indicative of the problem. We as a society are not really concerned about our hearts! Our lack of concern leaves the door open for problems to manifest without us being aware. Why do we do this? Take a moment now and ask yourself if you have ever wondered, except fleetingly, about the health of your heart. Chances are that you Healthy Hearthave not. You along with most others just assume that you will not develop a problem in this area. Although you know that one out of every two people will die as a result of heart related illness you don't expect to be one. Hmmm. How do we begin to look at avoidance of a condition we don't believe in?

We are living in a male energy age - The Piscean Age. We are moving into a female energy age but we are not there yet. In this male energy age society has very much adopted male institutions such as the church, the medical profession, schooling, government, etc.. These institutions will change in harmony with the female energy of The Aquarian Age or they will be pushed out. Until then we suffer the effects of this male dominance in our society. Don't confuse male and female energy with men and women. For women to succeed in male energy institutions they must become as male energy oriented as their male counterparts. You may be surprised to see schooling in my list so let me explain why it is there. Our schools place emphasis on academic achievement (male side or ourselves) and very little on expression of the very feelings within that make us what we are. We are taught in this way from a very young age. The separation of male and female aspects grows as we progress through the school system. Our children are taught to read and answer questions on texts to measure their comprehension (male) - compassion is not encouraged. Children are not given tests that measure their feelings of love, sadness, happiness, anger, joy, etc. or lessons that teach them how to express these feelings. That being said, however, I must say that there are exceptions to this rule. The exceptions are individuals working within a system though, rather than the system itself.

Through regression to childhood I have seen patterns that show typically when separation from feelings begins. A newborn infant expects and needs unconditional love from mother. If this love is not given or not given unconditionally the newborn feels a great sadness and sense of loss. A newborn cannot rationalize and can only view the world through their feelings. This sadness continues for as long as the child is not loved unconditionally. Many parents are guilty of arguing about their newborn or young child in their presence - assuming that a lack of understanding of spoken language prevents the child from picking up on their anguish. This couldn't be further from the truth. The child is more in tune with the parents feelings than the parent is! They have not yet learned to suppress their sensitivity! They live in this wash of feelings searching for the unconditional love from mother that makes the world a safe place. 

Regressions have shown me that this deep sadness lasts until at most the end of the second year. By then it is replaced with a very deeply rooted anger. If you could visualize it a wall develops between the sadness and the anger. The sadness was felt continually by the child and in order to prevent this pain a wall is erected so that others cannot get close enough to hurt them in the future. Outside the wall, anger is directed at all who would approach. Those who put up with the anger are unlikely to ever get past the walled defense to see the sadness that is suppressed. The reality is, however, that we cannot just separate ourselves from one feeling (the sadness). In our attempt to separate ourselves from the sadness we separate ourselves from all feelings. It is at this point our potential to develop a physical problem to do with the heart is created! From a child's perspective this is not a problem. A child is that they are a free spirit, and in this painful place on earth anything that will eventually bring them back to the spirit world they just left is not seen as a threat. Many years later, however, when the memory of the spirit world is obscured the thought of returning there can evoke great fear!

As we grow older we loose contact with the fact that we separated from our feelings. That is the whole point of doing it - to forget the pain. So it is unlikely that as adults we will perceive any problem. How can we be aware of a problem with an aspect of ourselves that we have forgotten about? The answer naturally enough is through our dreams.

The more common symbols for the heart and emotions are walls, apartments, women, fire and engines. From what I've said earlier the symbolism of a wall will be clear enough. An apartment, whether your own or somebody else's, indicates you have separated or are apart from your emotions. Women can represent the female side of the dreamer so a dead woman, for example, can indicate that the dreamer is emotionally dead. All symbols of fire represent emotions. A fireplace (the hearth) is a good pun for the heart. Dreaming of problems with a car engine (the heart of the car) indicates potential problems with the physical heart and so on.

Some specific circulatory system health problems that can show up in dreams are stroke (roof on fire, a person banging their head against a wall or a blow to the head), Anemia (oil leaking from the engine of a car) and heart attack (fireplace in the living room cracking and / or crumbling).

The point of dreams, and indeed this column, is not to scare you about heart related problems but to hopefully explain to you why so many of us develop problems in this area. Knowing the cause of a problem allows you treat the root rather than the symptoms of a condition. Dreams act as an early warning system to give you plenty of time (years) to change and thereby remove the potential for developing problems in this area.

In Part II I continue with references to sample dreams and explain how to follow the advice your dreams give to heal you.


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