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The Spiritual Dimension of Dreams

Part V

In this column I cover the remaining Spiritual Gifts described on my site. Realize of course that this is not an exhaustive list. There are other gifts which I donít cover.

Astral Travelling / Flying

Astral travelling is by far one of the most common themes in dreams. This is where you fly around or levitate without the need for any aircraft. These dreams always feel refreshing to the dreamer. Quite simply it means that the dreamer has a strong mind which gives them unique abilities. In the dream the flying indicates the ability to project your mind. The dreamer cannot fly but can project their mind anywhere or onto anything he or she wants. It is a common enough gift but not everyone has it. The most practical aspect of this gift is that it can be used to view a problem in an enlightened way and thereby rise above the problem (symbolically levitating above it in the dream). You can literally focus on something that has been bothering you for any amount of time and mentally leap beyond it by capturing a higher perspective on it. It is easy to do but you have to consciously do it and peopleís tendencies are to hang on to their problems!

It is also possible, with a little practice, to astral travel while awake. By far the best book on the subject is Journey's Out Of The Body by Robert A. Monroe.

This gift has three common threads to it. Hypnosis, Absent Healing and Projection. Once you have one you have all three.


Most people would be familiar with the stage hypnotist but this gift is useful for a wide range of things. It is often used to help eliminate phobias and has even been used in place of anaesthetic during operations! It is best to do a course on learning how to develop this ability if you really want to get into it.

Absent Healing

This is probably the most ridiculed of all spiritual abilities. The idea that somebody can heal you without touching you or even being present is in the bible where Jesus healed the centurionís servant. However, while many people offer this service for a very small nominal fee it is seen by many others as a scam. Donít let the views of others put you off from developing this gift or any other gift should you determine from your dreams that you have it. It works along the lines of thinking yourself well. However, those with this gift can think others well! Typically they would picture in their mind the person they are attempting to heal. They then focus on the areas of ill health and correct them one by one by simply picturing that part of the body restored to perfect health. There is a very good course available throughout many countries called ĎThe Silva Mind Control Methodí. This course teaches you how to focus your mind to achieve many different objectives. As part of the course they also show you how to develop absent healing.

A word of warning is needed here. If you have this ability and you think ill of someone else you could incur karma as your thoughts could negatively affect the other personís health. Keep it in mind.


 is commonly seen in dreams as passing by billboard signs. A powerful, large message that reaches everyone who passes by. Native American Indians used this. A tribe could be fairly scattered and if a message was to be sent out a person with this gift would go to a high point and send up smoke signals. The smoke signals were not the message. The smoke simply let everyone know that there was someone projecting a message and they tuned into him or her to get it. It is no wonder that westernerís had no clue how to read smoke signals!

Teachers & Leaders

Teachers and Leaders are the same in spiritual terms. This shows up in dreams as the color purple, dreaming of spiritual leaders particularly those higher up the chain of whatever denomination, e.g. dreaming of a bishop or the pope. Dreaming of the president of a country would also indicate you have this gift. It is common in these dreams that if the president is male he may introduce you to his wife. This is because teaching and leading work through our female energy. Female energy allows a leader to listen, forgive and lead with their heart.

To lead you do not have to be in a position of authority. It is a natural thing for those with the gift. I remember when I immersed myself into finding out all the things I now divulge in these articles I kept it hidden from everyone around me. I never spoke up even if somebody asked me about something directly. Only those very close to me knew I was into this field. I naively thought that I could incur karma by putting somebody on the wrong track. If they were meant to live their life a certain way and they changed because of something I said I thought that would be bad. Even if they changed apparently for the better. Later when I discovered through my own dreams that I had the teaching gift I realised I was incurring karma for not divulging what I knew and helping others when asked!

Teaching and leading can be done in any field. It is not restricted to spiritual teaching.

Psychic Surgery

Although it may seem strange to most this is quite common in the Philippines. This is where a person literally puts their hands into your body and works on the organs that need attention. They remove cancers by simply pulling the affected tissue out of the body. Like many gifts this one is open to people scamming because those looking for help are usually beyond the help of western medicine and are desperate. It is not a very common gift but shows up in dreams as looking into somebodyís body, for example, through the use of x-ray.

If someone is using this gift on you it will feel like there are many hands inside your body. The practitioner may not physically have their hands inside you but yet you feel other hands working in there. It is a strange feeling but is not unpleasant. It is the practitionerís spirit guides who are working on the inside.

Well thatís it. After all this time it feels strange to have completed this series. I was prompted to do so through my own dreams! Today it is St. Patrickís Day. Iím sitting on a train to Dublin and reminded that St. Patrick, Irelandís foremost spiritual teacher, having escaped slavery was told to come back to Ireland in his dreams.