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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

Camera – Reproductive system

Canal – Spiritual flow is restricted by conventional ideals (more); Dirty or polluted: circulatory system

Candle – Intuitive, psychic

Car Boot / Trunk: digestive system (more), uterus; Driving: striving towards goals / ideals; Driving with someone: carrying influence of person; Park: choice of roles or attitudes; Powerful car: Hands-on / Spiritual healer

Castle – Past life influences

Cat – Guilt (especially if black:), stomach, intestines (more)

CavitiesLarge: Respiratory system

Cement – Elimination system, colon.

Cemetery – despair or change

Central Heating – heart, circulatory system

Chakra – Click here

Chest, tea chest, etc. – Respiratory system

Chopping – Anger, cut-up over something.

Christmas – Dreamer's birth

Church – Spirituality, idealism

Cinema – Expansion of life

Circle – Heart, circulatory system (more)

City – The mind (especially if capital city)

Clock, clockwise, clockwork – Heart, circulatory system, emotions (more)

Clothes – Attitudes

CloudDark: Depression; Silver lined: Heading out of depression

Clown – Inner sadness

Coffin – See death

CoinGold: Hands-on / Spiritual healer; Silver: intuitive, psychic; Copper: rheumatic healer

Colon – Click here

Color, colour – Click here

Computer – logic, the brain, conditioning

Concert – Channel

ConcreteFloor: colon

Conflict – At war with yourself

CookerHob: stomach; Microwave: uterus; Oven: uterus;

Copper – Rheumatic healer

Corridor – Transition

Court – Judgmental

Counselor – Counselor

Country – The emotions

Courtroom – Judging yourself

Courtyard – Judgmental; Cobbled stone: Past life influences

Crocodile – Aggression, assertiveness.

Crab – Threat of cancer (from astrological symbol)

Crow Attacking or eating something: Cancer; Sitting on a roof or flying to or from one: negative thoughts.

CrowdOvercrowded: lungs; Queuing: Colon

Crystal – Crystal healer; Crystal ball: prophetic

Cupboard – Respiratory system

Customs post – Answering questions at: see Exams undergoing.

Cycling – Heart, circulatory system, emotions

Cylinder – Medium / Channel.



A-Z Dream Dictionary