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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

Magazine - Counselor (more)

Map – Where you are

Market – What we need or think we need, accountability

Medium – Medium / Channel.

Meeting – Preparation for birth

Mice – Threat of cancer

Microwave oven – Uterus

Mirror – Reproductive system

Money – The heart (money circulates in the economy and therefore symbolises the circulatory system).

Moon– Intuitive, Psychic.

Motorbike Powerful motorbike: Hands-on / Spiritual healer

Mouse – Threat of cancer, timid

Moldy room – Candida albicans

MovementUp: Striving towards ideals or activating mental / spiritual; Down: activating emotions, physical

Movie theater – Expansion of life

Mud – Colon (more); Muddy water / river: toxins from colon are getting into the blood stream (more)

Music – Medium / Channel

Mutation – Threat of cancer



A-Z Dream Dictionary