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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

Farmhouse – The emotions

Feces – Colon

Fence – Heart, circulatory system (more)

Field – Healing, harmony

Fighting – Conflict

Fish – Spirituality

Fire – Emotions (more)

Fireplace – Heart, circulatory system

Floor – Elimination (when state of floor is the focus)

Floating – See flying

Flower – Love; Potted: uterus; Rose: virginity

Flying – Astral traveling or rising (mentally) above a problem, projector, hypnotist, absent healer (more); With guide: Medium / Channel (more); Flying down and landing: Birth; Flying saucer: Guides (more)

Food – Hands-on / Spiritual healer, digestive system (more);

Football – Ideal, goal; Game: How you pursue your goals in life; Pitch: Game of life

Forecourt – Judgmental

Foreign country – Expansion of self (if country is larger than the one you are coming from)

Forest – Colon

Fortune teller – Prophetic

Fox – Threat of cancer in the colon

Fridge – Stomach

Frog – Medium / Channel.

Fruit – Reproductive system;

Funeral – See death.

Furnace – Heart, circulatory system



A-Z Dream Dictionary