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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

Sand – Approach to life / spirituality; Sandcastle: be more creative in your approach to life / spirituality;

School – Learning about yourself with a view to improving yourself; Bus: Life journey; Medical school: Learning about yourself with a view to improving your health;

Sea – Life, spirituality (more); Dirty or polluted: circulatory system

Seaside – Approach to spirituality or life

Seedlings – Reproductive system

Sewer – Elimination system, colon.

Sex – Click here

SharingReference to: sharing: Heart, circulatory system, emotions

Ship – Life journey

Shoe – Approach to subject matter of dream

Shop – See market

Shopping Mall: Needs, responsibilities; Trolley – digestive system, stomach;

Silver – Intuitive, Psychic.

Singer – Medium / Channel.

Sink unit – Liver, kidneys

Slaughterhouse – Self destruction

Slug – Elimination system, colon.

Snail – Digestive, elimination system, colon (more)

Snake Positive role: counselor; Negative role: threat of cancer

Snow – Repressed feelings, critical, judgmental

Soccer – See football

Spider – Childhood fears

Square – Limitation, restricted

Stain – Guilt

Stairs – Spine

Staircase – Spine

Stars – Ideals; Falling: Depression; Colliding: clash of ideals (usually leading to depression)

Starfish – Spiritual ideal

StationRailway: Life journey; Radio or TV broadcasting station: absent healer, hypnotist

Storm – Depression, conflict

Sun – Hands-on / Spiritual healer

Supermarket – See market

Surgery – See hospital

Swamp – Colon, elimination system

Swan – See bird

Swimming pool – Spirituality is restricted (more); Diving into: get into life;



A-Z Dream Dictionary