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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

Dark passages – Colon (especially with dirt or dust on floor)

Dance – Expression from the heart

Dancing – Expression from the heart

Dead – See death

Death – Need to eliminate negative influence from past. An aspect of the dreamer has to die before another aspect can find expression; Of father: need to eliminate negative influence of father; Of mother: need to eliminate negative influence of mother. (more)

Deceased – See death

Dentist – Healing for your bite / aggression

Diamonds – Crystal healer

Dining room – Communication, interaction

Dirt – Colon; Road, track: Colon

Doctor’s surgery – See hospital

Dog – See animals

Dolphin – Medium / Channel.

Door – opportunity; Back: rectum; Double: sharing, heart; Front: vagina;  Locked door: blocking an opportunity; Unusual large glass door: intuitive, psychic

Downstairs – Physical / emotional

Drainpipe – Elimination system, colon.

DriverTaxi: One on one counselor; Bus: Group leader / teacher

Driving – Striving towards ideals or activating mental / spiritual; To crossroads: heading for trouble / suffering; With family member: carrying the influence of the family.

Drowning – Feeling that life is threatening, overwhelming.

Drug – Repression of feelings

Drunk – Repression of feelings

Dustbin – Elimination system, colon



A-Z Dream Dictionary