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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

GapGoing through: birth

GarageRefueling point: healing for the heart; Repair center: healing for the body; Attached to house: heart, emotions

Garbage disposal – Elimination system, colon

Garden – Love; Front: facing life or the future; Back: colon, influences from the past. Basement: uterus; Path: colon; Shed: colon; Trees: Reproductive system; Gnomes – Kidneys.

Generator – Hands-on / Spiritual healer

Gold – Hands-on / Spiritual healer. Is also healing for a current illness

Goldfish – Hands-on / Spiritual healer. Usually means dreamer has no outlet for this work.

Government – Guides (more)

Grass – Heart, circulatory system, emotions; Weedy or water logged: Circulatory system, lymph system

Grave – Digestive / elimination system

Grey – See colors

Gray – See colors

Green – Heart, circulatory system; With red: heart, circulatory system; With pink: Counselor; Fields: Healing, harmony, etc.

Groups – Spiritual teacher, leader

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A-Z Dream Dictionary