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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

Hair – Thoughts; On fire: threat of stroke; Tied up: way of thinking is restricted; Haircut: change the way you think about the subject matter

Hairdressers – change the way you think

Hall – Transition

Hallway – Uterus; Small room or box at end of hallway: uterus

Hands – Hands-on / Spiritual healer

Handbag – Responsibility

Harvest field – Reproductive system

HayMoldy / Steaming: Candida albicans

Head – Intellectual, head rules the heart; Bald: Not thinking

Healer – Hands-on / Spiritual healer

Hearth – Heart, circulatory system, emotions

Hen house – Ovaries

Highway – Heart, circulatory system, emotions

Holiday scene – Relaxation, need for rest, etc.

HomeYours with room not specified: Family influence.

Hometown – Influences from the past

Horse – Balance; Powerful horse: Hands-on / Spiritual healer; Many horses: Hands-on / Spiritual healer

Hosiery – Intestines

Hospital – How your state of mind influences your health or healing

Hotel – Reception at your birth, healing

House – Physical body. Click here

Hypnotist – Absent healer, hypnotist, projector



A-Z Dream Dictionary