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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

TableWooden or for eating at: The digestive system; In bedroom: menstrual cycle

Taxi – One to one counselor (more)

Tea pot – Heart, circulatory system, emotions (more)

Teeth – Aggression, assertiveness (more); Losing: reproductive system, lack of assertiveness / aggression (more)

Telephone – Telepathy, clairaudient.

Television station – Absent healer, hypnotist, projector (more)

Temple – Spirituality

TheatreIn audience: looking at life; On stage: performance anxiety; Back stage: Preparation for life;

Third eye – Intuitive, Psychic (more).

Thunder – Emotions

Tidal wave – Emotional turmoil, life is threatening

Tiger – Career (because of the color combination black and orange). (more)

Tights – Intestines

Toilet – Elimination (usually of ideas or emotions); Bowl: colon.

Tomb – Digestive / elimination system

Tooth – See teeth

Tornado – State of mind

Tractor – Digestive tract

Traffic – Career

Train Journey: your life journey; Track: digestive tract

TreeIn front garden: Family; In back garden: Colon; Forest: colon; Rotting: Colon; Without leaves: Colon;

Trial – Judgmental, critical

Triangle – Meditation, commitment

Tricycle – Age 3, commitment;

Truck – Father, career;

TrunkCar trunk: digestive system, uterus;

Tube– Medium / Channel (more).

Tubing – Intestines (especially 6 foot long)

Turf – Elimination system, colon.

Turquoise – See colors

TV TV personality: Absent healer, hypnotist, projector (more); TV set: clairvoyant

Twins – Medium / Channel (more)

Twister – State of mind



A-Z Dream Dictionary