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The Spiritual Dimension of Dreams

Part II

In my last column you learned how to tell when a dream is about your Spiritual dimension. In this column I expand by explaining how to tell which specific gift or gifts your dream is about. You will already have seen plenty of examples of this, however, in The Answer to Your Dreams.

I have to admit this is by far my favorite aspect of dream interpretation because it reminds us that we are more than just physical beings. More specifically it reminds us of our life purpose. The difficulty with this aspect is that there is quite often no frame of reference from which to start. When talking about the physical body, relationships, health, etc. we can all relate to the subject matter. However, if I start talking about a special ability to see the aura, for example, it is less likely that any person taken at random has a practical connection with this. Our society is not as open to these things as we like to believe. We can connect with physical things such as cars, clothes, houses, etc. and accept that somebody with a special skill developed the necessary components for their manufacture. We are also likely to connect with writing, story telling, public speaking, artistic skills, etc. even though they are not physical skills. However, if you see a list of Spiritual abilities you are unlikely to be accepting of the full list. We know this of others but usually do not see it in ourselves. Because we may be accepting of one or two abilities we assume, therefore, that we are open to the whole field.

I met a healer in Co. Sligo, Ireland who had used his healing gift many times to cure serious illnesses such as cancer. In my innocence I assumed that once one person was cured of cancer he must have had a line of people outside his door waiting for treatment. He told me, however, that everyone in the neighborhood stayed away from him and even though he had treated and cured some of them they would never tell anyone they had even been to him! In ways like this we help keep society closed to some of the most wonderful gifts mankind has. Now, as you read on, try to keep an open mind. Donít take everything I say for granted, as that does no good either. Instead keep an open mind to the subjects that are raised.


In dreams the color combination green (the heart) and pink (love) always indicate this gift while the color peach is sufficient on its own to indicate the dreamer is a counselor. Other symbols are books, newspapers, libraries and pearls. All of these symbols indicate a depth of knowledge or wisdom. Snakes, in the Chinese sense, and bridges also indicate this ability.

Guides / angels often appear in dreams to show us our abilities. Whatever ability they have in the dream we have in reality. A guide in a dream is anyone who has a title, appears bearing a gift or speaks with authority on a subject. So if we dream of a counselor, a person with a title, we know they are a guide and that we therefore have a counseling ability. To dream of a county councilor would indicate the same thing.

Counseling works through our female side and as with any female energy gift it is influenced dramatically by our relationship with mother. A poor relationship can cause us to close our hearts and inhibit the flow of female energy within us. This in turn inhibits abilities associated with our female side.

The best counselors are not taught in college. They are trained in the art from the moment they are born. Their training comes as a result of feeling isolated from others. This history of isolation often shows up in their dreams. In childhood they felt like they didnít fit in. They may have tried lots of things but while they could see how things worked for others they always ended up, from their perspective, looking on from the sidelines, even when in the middle of a crowd. It is this life of observing individuals that trains them for a later role in counseling. As adults we can heal this feeling of isolation through Cutting the Ties with mother. Doing this also improves our counseling ability because it enhances the flow of female energy within us. Sadly, I have met many middle-aged people who still feel this isolation and never realized it could be healed.

As a counselor we draw to us people who need our help and can be counseling without even realizing it. Strangely enough, that is the one time that we feel we belong. While counseling we know it is our part in the big picture.

Hands-on Healing

With hands-on healing the therapist channels healing energy into their client but does not focus the energy with an intention. Their focus is simply on being an open channel for the healing energy. Spirit uses the energy channeled to heal the client in an appropriate way.

In dreams the color gold, the color of the sun, indicates a healer. All symbols of energy sources, such as the sun, power generator, electricity generation station, gas station, oil tanker, etc. also indicate the dreamer is a healer. Gold or gold coins indicate it because they have the color of the sun. Powerful horses, powerful motorbikes or cars indicate it because of their emphasis on power. You are a healer if your dreams refer to hands or feature a spiritual healer as a guide. Remember, whatever ability a guide has in your dream you have in reality. Rheumatic healing is indicated by copper or copper coins. A crystal healer is indicated by dreams of diamonds and other crystals.

Hands-on healing is a male energy gift and as such is strongly influenced by our relationship with dad. A poor relationship can cause us to inhibit the flow of male energy within us and thus block our healing ability. This can be resolved by Cutting the Ties with dad, for example, thus enhancing our healing ability.

While it is possible to force energy into a person it is not advisable to do so. Be an open channel for the energy and let spirit guide the flow. I discuss this in a previous article. It is also not advisable to try to heal unless you know you have this ability. Otherwise you can be channeling your own energy into your clients and picking up their problems! I have seen people who are not healers but work in this profession become ill in this way. One friend who kept getting ill told me her dream about being offered a silver chain in a jewelry shop. She kept refusing it, as she only wanted a gold one. The shopkeeper would not give her the gold one and kept saying the silver one was already hers. In this dream the shopkeeper is a guide because he has a title. And as in any dream whatever a guide says is infallible. He is telling her that she does not have a healing ability (the gold chain is not hers) but she does have a psychic ability (indicated by silver). Whatís more it is her karma to develop her psychic ability (it is a chain she owns!).

Thatís it for now. In part III I continue with more gifts and the symbols from your dreams that indicate you have them. In the next section  


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