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The Spiritual Dimension of Dreams


This week I take our first look at the Spiritual Dimension of Dreams. Up until now I have focused on the basics of dream interpretation and how they indicate health warnings. Dreams also comment on our spiritual path and how true we are to that path.  This is hardly surprising since dreams come from a spiritual source.

What does surprise many people though is the diversity of paths in the spiritual field. I remember when I first began to explore this realm I went to a "Mind, Body and Spirit Exhibition" in Dublin expecting to find a lot of eccentric people peddling their cause. Instead I was almost shocked to find normal people, and lots of them, who had found something that they wanted to share with others. The one thing that stood out, however, was that most of these people claimed that their answer was the only answer and path to take in life. How do you know which person, if any, has the correct answer? Years later I discovered, through working with dreams, that they all do! There are many paths to awareness and the path for you is detailed in your dreams. It is as unique to you as any other aspect of your personality. When you have found it you will know it. The mistake to avoid is to assume that because a particular path is right for you that it is right for everyone. As you will see in dreams, following the wrong path can be damaging.

We all have at least one spiritual ability and our dreams relentlessly remind us of them and why we need to develop them. People who feel drawn to work in the spiritual field usually do so out of a desire to help others. Most soon learn, however, that in order to become good at what they do they must first help themselves by clearing any baggage they are carrying from childhood, relationships or other negatively conditioning environments they were subjected to. If you work in this field and have not done this your dreams will show how the negative conditioning inhibits your ability. They will also show under what circumstances you should use particular abilities.

If the idea that we have spiritual abilities seems alien to you just consider for a moment that you are first and foremost a spirit / soul. You temporarily have a body that you know someday will die but you, the spirit, will live on. When you accept that you are a spirit the concept of having a spiritual ability is natural. You talking with a spirit is simply one spirit talking to another, spiritual healing is one spirit healing another, etc. Many people refer to these abilities as gifts. A gift implies something that has been given so I prefer to use the term spiritual power or ability since these powers can neither be given to you nor taken away. They are just simply part of your nature.

Dreams that reflect the spiritual dimension will invariably take place in locations that indicate spirituality. The most obvious locations are churches, synagogues, mosques, and other places of worship. Whether we believe in a God or not we still associate these locations with receiving direction from the spiritual realm or God. Other locations and symbols may not be so obvious. In a dream unpolluted water represents spirituality so a river indicates a request to let your spiritual side flow more freely. A canal is a body of water where the flow is controlled by man made structures. In dreams this means the dreamer's spirituality is restricted by man made structures or conventional ideals. A swimming pool has a somewhat similar meaning. A lake, a body of water with no flow, asks the dreamer to develop an outlet for the spirituality. A beach is the approach to the sea. Since the sea represents spirituality the beach indicates the dreamer's spiritual approach. A road running alongside a canal or river indicates your spiritual path.

Dreams taking place on a high location, for example on the roof of a high-rise building, can also be about our higher purpose. Dreams in university, college, high-school or other places of higher learning also indicate this. Taking exams is a particularly common dream. We are given the opportunity to take exams when we have completed a required course of learning. Passing the exam opens the door for us to move on to a higher level of learning or gives us the qualification to use what we learned in the real world. In dreams exams are always good to have. It means that we have completed one phase of our learning / life and are now ready to move from this phase to a higher phase. The dream will show what needs to be developed in order to pass to the next phase of the dreamer's spiritual evolution. Dreams that take place at a border, customs post, check-point or interview room have the same meaning.

Spiritual powers are the most precious part of our nature so will often feature in dreams that take place in jewelry shops or locations where precious items are displayed. Guardian angles often appear in these dreams and hand a 'gift' to the dreamer where the gift symbolizes the particular ability. If the item has to be paid for the price indicates what is required to attain the ability. For example, a price tag of $3 indicates commitment is required, $370 indicates commitment to spiritual goals is required, and so on. You will find the meaning of numbers in the tutorial on my site but they will be covered in a later column.

When we are born we are aware of our life purpose and our spiritual abilities. Dreams that reflect our birth often remind us of this purpose and show us these abilities in symbolic form. For example, a child born with special vision would indicate the dreamer is a psychic.

That's it for this column. In Part II I focus on how a particular ability is indicated in dreams and where possible how to develop the ability once you recognize that you have it.


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