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The Spiritual Dimension of Dreams

Part IV

So far in this series we have covered how to recognize if you have any of the following from your dreams; Channeling, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Counseling, Spiritual healing and Psychic abilities. In this column I cover two more spiritual gifts.


I want to begin with writing. This gift gives great pleasure to millions all over the world as is evidenced by the number of bookshops everywhere. But what makes a person a good writer? It is not measured by the number of pages written but by the writing style. Style can be any number of things. It can be wit, prose, poetry, simplicity of language, ability to explain a difficult topic, or many other things. The problem most people have when it comes to their writing is that they compare themselves to someone else that they like. However, the other writer may have a completely different style and for as long as they try to write like that their writing will not flow. So the first thing to do is to forget how everyone else writes and find your unique style. It is this unique style that makes writing a spiritual thing. Expression of the soul is what life is about and when you tap into your style you are allowing your soul expression. The connection made will come across to your readers as a connection with them but always you write for yourself. This is regardless of what type of book or essay you write whether it be children's books or prose. 

When starting these columns, for example, it took me several attempts to find the style that worked for me. The feature articles wrote themselves very well but The Answer To Your Dreams was terrible. I sent my first draft to my editor (take a bow Pat!) and she was kind enough to tell me it didn't work. I rewrote it and sent that off. She still didn't like it. On my third attempt, and this had taken weeks to rewrite over again, I decided it probably wasn't going to work and while the columns were a good idea I hadn't the skill to pull it off. Then I came up with the formula for putting the dream, the interpretation and then my comment on both. While it must look obvious to all you reading this it is only obvious as a winning formula because I finally hit my style. I could interpret the dream as needed and then separately comment on any issue I wanted that I felt was warranted. I knew it worked and when I sent it to my editor I already knew it was fine. She loved it. The funny thing is that there was no difference in what I was saying in the three styles but only the third style allowed me to put myself in the writing.

There are many creative writing courses out there and invariably they are run by writers who have made it themselves. You'll hear many words of wisdom on these courses as very few people start out knowing exactly how to make it work. You can either empathize with or be saved from the same frustration the facilitator went through in the beginning. You'll also hear about how to write and what to write about. It rarely works the way you intend. Many of the articles I have written started out as something completely different when I sat down at my computer. In many cases I had to change the title completely! Some years on I now find that I do write about what I sit down to write about. But I think that now I am more tuned in to what wants to be written and I now know it in advance. I never succeeded when struggling to go against what was coming.

Writing is easy to spot in dreams. If you dream of magical pens, writers or poets then you have the gift. A less obvious symbol but very common is to dream about a lamp being attached in place of your arm or somebody else's arm in your dream. You might find yourself in a shop that sells pens and you are being asked to pay $3 for the pen the owner is showing you. This would be asking you to commit (number 3) to using the writing gift you have. Allow yourself time to find your style. It may take a few attempts before it happens but it will. After all that's what you are here to do.

If you are a writer you will find the website Freelance Writing Organisation, Writing Links and Resources useful.


Prophecy requires little explanation. It is simply where a person has the ability to predict the future. Nostradamus is probably the most famous person with this gift having predicted the exact manner of the death of the king of France. This is the gift that most people think of when anyone mentions communication with spirit or any type of divining such as tarot cards. Can you tell me my future? However, this is not as common a gift as you would expect when compared to channeling for example. I would say a little more than one in twenty of us have it. I think the reason for the low percentage is that you don't need to be prophetic if you have certain other gifts. If you can hear your guides then only they need a handle on predicting the future and you get the benefit. 

This gift is very easy to recognize in dreams. The most obvious symbol for it is a crystal ball. Dreaming about going to a fortune teller is another. Having dreams where you just know what is going to happen next in the dream demonstrates the gift in operation. This might be dreaming about driving somewhere and just knowing that when you turn the corner ahead on the road you will see an accident or whatever it happens to be. Dreams give expression to the aspects we are ignoring in waking life so in this case the dream allows the dreamer to exercise their prophetic ability. Dreams of high flying birds can also indicate the gift. Eagles are the most common. The idea here is that the eagle flies at such a great height in the sky it can see the past, present and future from its vantage point. 

Lastly you know you are prophetic if you have prophetic dreams. Time and time again I see people confused over this so let me explain. Not all dreams that appear to predict the future are actually doing that. When we sleep we travel to the astral plane and meet with other souls, both living and in spirit. On this plane we may agree with them to do certain things or to meet them on the physical plane. The next day the old school friend we dreamed about calls us 'out of the blue' and we are amazed because we dreamed they would call! However, our dream clearly did not predict the future but from our normal limited perspective on things we think it did. Dreaming of an event that is happening while we are asleep is also not predicting the future so rule that out too. There are several ways we can get informed about such events while we are asleep, astral traveling as just described is one. A common one for many people is to know who is calling when the phone rings. Again I have to say that is not prophecy because the person that pops into your head is already tuned in to you. This is more likely to indicate that they have the gift of projection than anything else. I will cover projection in a later article.

The easiest way to tell if your dream is prophetic is by how it feels. Prophetic dreams feel different from a symbolic dream. If you are prophetic you are most likely already aware of this feeling. If not, and you already know you are prophetic, look out for it the next time you think you had a prophetic dream. It is unmistakable to the point that I have never had to describe it to anyone. You just know it was 'one of those dreams'. Knowing the difference in feeling between symbolic and prophetic dreams will put your mind at rest if you dream about your child in an accident and can tell it was not a prophetic dream!

That’s it for now. In part five I will continue with more gifts and the symbols from your dreams that indicate you have them. Remember, you can submit a dream for the newsletter. If it is suitable I will email you the interpretation for free. Send your dreams to editor@dream-analysis.com. When covering a particular topic I scan the mailbag for relevant dreams. I can imagine the surprise on some reader's faces when their dream gets used two years later!

Part five is available here.

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The Spiritual Dimension of Dreams

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