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The Answer to your Dreams 7

In this section I interpret your dreams from the mailbag. Iíve included some dreams with symbols from my previous article, The Spiritual Dimension of Dreams Part II,  to give you practice at them. This should make it more interesting to follow. Letís have a look.

GEMMAíS DREAM: I was in a car salesmanís office. I wanted to trade my car for the red sports car on the forecourt. The salesman was sitting behind his desk talking on the phone. Newspapers and magazines were spread across the desk. He was annoyed at me for interrupting and kept pointing to the phone.

INTERPRETATION: You are a counselor (books and magazines) but want to give this up in favor of spiritual healing (sports car). Donít be impatient. Listen to your guides (the phone).

COMMENT: This is a tricky one because you could assume that the dreamer is a healer because of the healing symbols in the dream. The cars in this dream, however, stand for karma. Gemma wants to trade her karma and pay her debts through being a spiritual healer. Thatís not how it works though and her guides are telling her to listen to them. The gift on the table (desk) is counseling (books and magazines). Thatís what she needs to stick with.


JULIEíS DREAM: I'm walking along a pier at a harbor when 40 men on horses, wearing all the garb, jump off the end of the pier into the water. I'm surprised that the water was shallow just there.

INTERPRETATION: You are limiting (number 4) your spiritual healing ability (many horses). Your purpose in life is to deepen your spirituality (shallow water) through using this gift.

COMMENT: The dream above appeared in a previous newsletter but the focus of my attention in that article was the heart rather than the dreamerís spiritual gift. The pier and harbor is where ships berth and indicates the dreamerís birth. You may remember dreams that reflect the birth are likely to show the reason the dreamer was born. This dream is no exception. Since we find Julie being reminded of her purpose it is likely that she has forsaken it. This is true. Julie is a Spiritual healer in reality but had decided to give it up to pursue interests that would allow her physically move away from her father. The reference to shallow water indicates that Julie is aware of her spiritual path but does not realize she can still benefit from persisting with her healing.


SARAHíS DREAM: I dreamt that a skeletonís hand was under my pillow.

INTERPRETATION: I have cut this dream down to the essential part. The reference to the hand indicates that the dreamer is a hands-on healer. The fact that it is a skeleton means she is not using her gift.

COMMENT: Dreams that take place in the bedroom can be about our spiritual dimension because when we sleep we journey to the spirit planes. Sarah knew she had a hands-on healing ability but suppressed it for years. The skeleton hand indicated that she was subconsciously aware of this but also shows that her spirit helpers (those beyond the grave) will always remind her about her ability. Sarahís next step is to rekindle her healing gift.


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