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Hands-on / Spiritual Healing

You'd be hard pressed to find anybody who has not heard of hands-on or spiritual healing. While I have to admit that this method of healing sounds ridiculous it is extremely effective. There are many types of hands-on healing. Popular forms these days include Reiki and Bio-energy. The healing I describe here, however, is completely controlled by spirit. The therapist channels healing energy into their client but does not focus the energy with an intention. Their focus is simply on being an open channel for the healing energy. Spirit uses the energy channelled to heal the client in an appropriate way.

If you have already discovered from your dreams that you are a hands-on healer you will find that this technique instantly works for you. Find somebody to practice with. They don't need to be ill for it to work and it does not affect anyone negatively. Here is how to do it. Referring to the picture follow these steps.

  1. Healing PositionHave your client sit in a comfortable position with their back straight. Stand behind them and place your hands on their shoulders. Now imagine a beautiful light coming from the soles of your feet and moving directly downwards to the centre of the earth. Imagine the light reaches the centre of the earth and joins with a beautiful neon blue glowing light there. While you may not feel anything at this point the first time you try it, with practice you will feel this connection being made.
  2. Now imagine neon blue earth energy moving upwards within these rays of light and flowing through your body to your crown chakra.
  3. Imagine now that your body has become like a magnet and feel it attracting a ray of golden light from the very centre of the universe. This light travels to you and connects with your crown chakra. Imagine this golden light moving down the back of your head, across your shoulders and down to the level of your heart but still covering the whole width of your back, where it meets with the blue earth energy coming up.
  4. Now imagine the golden energy flowing from there down the outside and top of your arms and spreading into your hands covering them entirely. At the same time imagine the blue earth energy flowing under your arms to your wrists.
  5. Finally imagine only the golden energy flowing from the centre of your palms into your client. While you may not feel this at first you should feel it before the end of this exercise.

You have now started channelling healing energy into your client. It can actually take the energy a couple of minutes to begin to flow so just let it happen. As the flow increases you will feel as if your hands are in a pair of very large gloves that give you a strange pins and needles sensation.

When I started doing this type of work I didn't feel much beyond the sensation in my hands. Now I can feel spirit hands working underneath my clients skin pushing and pulling. This is a very physical feeling and many clients will comment on it if they feel it happening to them. Whether your client feels anything or not does not affect the healing they receive so don't worry. Once YOU can feel it trust that everything is working as it should.

If you get a sense that you need to move your hands to another location on your client's body ask their permission, lift your hands and move them gently to that location. Let the connection adjust for the new position and the energy will begin to flow again. 

Typically a healing will require you to channel energy for about 20 minutes. At no point do you try to imagine your client being healed as this inhibits the flow of the energy. Trust that spirit will guide the energy to where it is needed and work the healing for your client. Your purpose in the equation is to channel the energy for spirit. If it is not in the life purpose of the client to be physically healed they wont be but spirit will use the energy to help them in some other way. A healing always takes place.

As you become more in touch with the healing energy you will begin to notice that spirit guides the energy around your body in different paths depending on your client's ailment. Sometimes you will feel energy moving down both arms, other times you will only feel it in one arm. When a blockage is being cleared in your client you will feel it as energy moving from your client under your arms and down the front and sometimes the back of your legs into the ground. This is an extremely important connection and is opened when you imagine the light coming from the soles of your feet at the start of the session. It prevents you from picking up the blockages you are clearing from your client. In time you will feel this connection even when it is not being used to ground negative energy. It can feel a little different for different people but it always feels like something is grounding you. When you are used to feeling it and find it missing during a session stop working. This means you have a block within yourself that you need to clear. To continue to work while you have this block can cause you to become ill. Doing something like gardening or walking in the park will restore your ground connection again.

Once you can feel the flow of both energies experiment and develop your own style with this. Also, depending on your client you may find it better to have them lying down rather than sitting. In all cases it is best for your feet to be firmly on the ground to maintain your ground connection. One healing that requires a significant change in your posture is when working on a fever. When doing this type of healing only place your right hand on your client and point your left palm towards the earth (i.e.. your left palm is parallel with the floor. During the session imagine energy flowing from your left palm into the earth. 

When practicing pick a friend who is healthy and practice just feeling the energy flowing. When you can feel the flow you can begin working on people with ailments. Ailments do not need to be physical. For example, this type of healing is very effective at lifting depression.


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