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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

Baby – Responsibility; Born developed or with sixth sense: Intuitive, Psychic.

Back passage – Elimination system, colon.

BaldHead: Not thinking

Ball, Balloon – Ideals, goals

Bank – Energy, sharing, the heart, circulatory system, emotions; Robbery: inability to share;

Bar – social contact; Getting drunk: repression of feelings

Barefoot – Having cold feet with regard to subject matter of dream

Barrister – Counselor

Barn – Digestive system, colon, steaming hay: candida albicans;

Basement – Sub–conscious (below conscious awareness)

Basketball – Ideal, goal; Game: How you pursue your goals in life

Bat – Negative / angry mind; Baseball: male side controls attitude to life or subject matter of dream.

Bath, Bathtub – Uterus, Elimination; Plug hole: Cervix, Elimination.

Bathroom – Purity, cleansing, elimination; Physical: liver, kidneys

Battery – Heart, circulatory system

Beach – Approach to spirituality or life

Bear – Digestive system, colon (more).

Bedroom, bed – Reproductive system, sex, rest, meditation, astral activities; Physical: reproductive system

Beige – See colors

Bible – Spirituality, religion

Bicycle – Heart, circulatory system, emotions (more)

Bird – Ideal, goal. This is because birds fly above us so we have to look up to them to see them. Anything you look up to is an ideal. This holds whether the bird in the dream is on the ground or not.; High flying: Prophetic; Eagle: Prophetic

Birth – See airplane landing

Black – See colors

Blind – Past life, unwilling to see or look for solution to problem.

Blonde – Pure thoughts

Blue – See colors

Boat journey – Your life journey

Boiler – Heart, circulatory system

Book – Knowledge; Books: Counselor

Border post – Answering questions at: see Exams undergoing.

Bottle – Kidneys

Box – Womb, restricted

Boutique – Choice of roles or attitudes

BowlMixing: bowel; Toilet: bowel

Breast – Nurturing

Bridge – Counselor, transition, reconciliation of aspects of the self or self with others

Brown – See colors

Building – The body (more)

Burial place – Digestive / elimination system



A-Z Dream Dictionary