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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

Attic – brain;

Back door – rectum;

Back garden – colon;

Bathroom – liver, kidneys;

Bedroom – reproductive system;

Box at end of hallway – Uterus;

Central Heating – heart, circulatory system;

Cooker – stomach;

Expel-air system – lungs;

Fireplace – heart, circulatory system;

Fridge – stomach;

Front door – vagina;

Garden path – colon;

Garden shed – colon;

Hallway – Uterus;

Kitchen – digestion;

Lawn – blood;

Microwave –uterus;

Oven – uterus;

Roof – brain;

Room (small room at end of hallway) – Uterus;

Sink unit – liver, kidneys;

Stairs – spine;

Toilet – elimination;

Vacuum cleaner – lungs;

Wash basin – liver, kidneys;

Washing machine – stomach;

Windows – eyes;

Wiring – nervous system;



A-Z Dream Dictionary