Who are you and why are you here?

Who Are You?
And Why Are You Here?

February 08, 2017

Note: This was my opening in a 90 minute talk given at Wisdom Soup Bellevue Meetup on February 7, 2017. Video of the event may follow.

Today I want to talk about the larger picture that dreams are a vital part of. And that is Your Purpose. If you traveled to an alien planet and a local asked you, ďWho are you and why are you here?Ē, your answer would include your skills, where you came from, what prompted the journey and what you hoped to gain or discover on your travels.

Iím from Dublin. I lived there all my life. I cycled across the city twice each school day. I knew where everything was but I didnít know the place. That only changed when my wifeís American relatives started visiting us in Dublin. They asked the questions I never asked. I had to research my own city to answer them and to find places of interest to bring them. They opened my eyes, or more accurately, they showed me that my eyes were shut to what was in front of me all my life.

When I was 27 my eyes were opened even further. I was born into a catholic family. My mother was devoutly religious. I went to a Christian Brothers school Ė and I was a pain in their ass. At one point, I thought I would become a priest, but I turned away from that and became an atheist. I didnít believe in God, angels, spirits, or anything other than what we could prove with science. When I say, ďI was a pain in their assĒ, it was only me who thought that. When I look back on it, I realize that the headmaster of the school was a wise and patient man. He never rebuked me. He offered to get a theologian to debate me. I refused. I already had all the answers. What a punk!
When I was 26 I learned to meditate using The Silva Mind Control Method. I was technical manager on a large computer project and I learned the meditation to help me focus on technical issues. I meditated for at least 90 minutes each day for over a year. One night, just after getting into bed I spotted three spirits in my room. They were as real as you are now Ė and Iím wearing new glasses Ė so they were in sharp focus! I did what any sane person would do. I screamed. I shouted and pointed them out to my wife Ė but she couldnít see them! I couldnít believe that she couldnít see them. They were so clearly there.

That was the start of my fall into the spiritual field. Obviously, seeing spirits did not fit with my atheist views. Over a few months I saw spirits more often, until I was seeing them all the time. I didnít realize that meditation is what unlocked my ability, so was continuing it. My journey to understand what I was seeing taught me a lot. Clearly my eyes were still shut. Apparently, the spirit world didnít need me to believe in it, for it to exist! I had been so closed to the possibility of a spirit world, that I didnít even know what questions to ask, or who to ask! Ultimately, it led me to Dream Interpretation and I discovered it had the answers I needed. Dreams answer your questions every single night. Even the ones you forget to ask. Like, ďWho am I and why am I here?Ē Right from the beginning, it just made sense to me, and I immersed myself in it. I particularly love how dreams focus on the big picture.
When I talk about dream interpretation, I love to cover guides and how they help you in your life. In my early classes, a long time ago now, Iíd be explaining their existence while looking at peoplesí guides standing behind them. Too often, the reaction was, ďIíd love to believe in them but thereís no evidence.Ē I never told anyone back then that I was looking at the evidence. I didnít use to share that. But one time, after getting that reaction, I got the crazy notion to show my students how to see guides. I started by showing them how to see the aura and then how to see spirits. It took 10 minutes and nearly everyone could see them. Our discussion on guides was much more open after that!

What about you?

Iíve told you about me, but what about you? Would you say youíre spiritual? Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you agree you have a soul? That last one was a trick question, but it highlights that we often look at things backwards here on the earth plane. You donít HAVE a soul. You ARE a soul and you HAVE a body. This clarification is vitally important for the correct understanding of almost anything in the spiritual field Ė including dreams.

Your soul is the part of you, that is sent to the earth plane in order to live a life that includes specific experiences. The intention is, that by living through these experiences, you will learn about yourself, and your reaction to these experiences will ultimately help you regain awareness of who you are. That is the point of it all Ė your life is intended to help you increase awareness of who you are. Nobody can do it for you. You must experience awareness. Itís like riding a bike. You only know it by experience. You canít read about it and know it Ė you must have the experience to know it.

Experience here, reveals to you who you are. Knowing who you are is the first step to increasing your awareness. How? For example, if you spot conditioning that limits you Ė you can do something to eliminate the effects of that conditioning. Once youíve done that Ė your awareness increases. Working on yourself usually leads to huge leaps in awareness. And we all need to work on ourselves! If we didnít, we wouldnít be here in the first place.
Your life was designed with a specific purpose and was planned in great detail so as to best achieve that purpose. You trained to use specific abilities before you came here. Everyone here has at least one spiritual ability that they trained in Ė for years! These abilities are the most precious part of your nature. Unfortunately, in our society, most of us suppress them because we want to fit in. As Marianne Williamson put it, ďWe dim our light so that others may appear to shine more brightly.Ē

We are moving into a female energy age

We are living in interesting times. Due to the earthís wobble, the spring equinox moves westward across the constellations. We officially enter a new age when the spring equinox leaves Pisces and enters Aquarius. Pisces, and the five ages before it, were male energy ages. No surprise that right now, we live in a patriarchal society Ė governed by male energy. But thatís now changing.
A patriarchal society cannot be maintained in a female energy age. When the current male energy age of Pisces ends Ė thatís it. This society is on life support and the decision to pull the plug has already been made. The switchover isnít clinical. Itís gradual and stepped. And as the female energy increases, more and more people are being switched on to their spiritual abilities and life purpose. A major infusion of energy began in late December. It is aimed at light workers. Light workers are people who work in the spiritual field, and part of their purpose is to assist others to raise their vibrations and discover their own abilities. Many of you here are light workers. Some of you donít know it!

Light workers are not a cult or a clique. They are very much individuals and are frequently unaware of each other. Each, however, has found something powerful that they want to share. A personal discovery that they know can enlighten and help others. If you put them together they can disagree about the path others should take. Many believe the path that helped them is the one that will help everyone. Dreams reveal this is not the case. Everyoneís path is unique, and blindly following a path that worked for someone else is crazy. You must discover your own path. It may align with something you already want to do Ė but it may not. You get no points for walking the wrong path. It doesnít matter how many people you help while doing it.

The spiritual path appears selfish and even nuts to people who are not on it. It appears selfish because on the spiritual path you do what you came here to do. Not what your partner wants you to do. Not what your parents want. Not what your friends or children want. How can you be so selfish that you wonít do what they want? After all, they think they know best! It appears nuts because it is not logical. You may leave a well-paying job with good retirement benefits to work in a field that pays very little. First you had the audacity to ignore what your loved ones want you to do. Now youíve just sealed the deal. Trust me. They have talked about intervention!
So too have your dreams. They have been screaming at you to wake up and remember why you came here. You donít have to remember it all at once Ė you can start by getting in touch with one of your abilities. We all have at least one. Every one of us. Dreams show your gifts as the most precious part of your being. Why? Because it is through using them that you will pay your self-imposed karmic debts and thus free yourself from the chains you hold onto. Wow! Does that sound harsh? Today, I just donít feel like dancing around the issue.

Most people, including those who discover their abilities, will never develop them or use them as they intended before coming here. The number of places here on earth are limited. We are interviewed before we get one. We promise the sun, moon and stars in that interview. Just let me in and Iíll do everything I need to and more. Iíll heal half the planet. Iíll change the field of counselling. Iíll discover how to harness the power of a black hole. The world will increase in vibration all because of me! Then we get here and instead discover that channel 37 has reruns of Seinfeld. How can working on yourself, so that you can then help others, compete with that?

But the system, and your life, were designed knowing youíd likely do that. Your dreams relentlessly work on you to switch you on. In the dream world, you know exactly what your dream is about. You know what it is asking you to do, and, more often than not, you reject the message. I donít want to work on myself. I donít need to. The problem is with my partner. Iím going to leave him and find Mr. Right. I know I tried that and it didnít work before but this time my eyes are open and I wonít make the same mistake. Youíre correct really. You wonít make a mistake Ė just like you didnít the last time. Psychologists will tell you that you pick a partner with the same traits as the parent you have most issues with. Itís not a mistake that you pick a partner who can push your buttons. You need a partner to do that because you moved away from your mom so she couldnít. Your life would be a failure if it didnít show you that you have issues. If you donít know youíve issues, how can you work on them? Eventually, you listen to your dreams and embrace their message. You work on yourself and guess what happens? The jerks out there are no longer interested in you! They need someone with buttons to push. Now youíre free Ö of that issue, and with your raised vibration you are both attracted to and attract others with a higher vibration.

Your higher-self and guides were instrumental in the planning of your life. They also fine-tuned the plan during the rehearsal stage before you embarked on this life time. Youíre not just left on your own when you get here. Your guides work with you at all times to influence you to make choices and react in ways that would best help you achieve your purpose. Everything that happens, your emotional state and the triggers for it, your health and the triggers for that, the impact of events and your reaction to them, the influence of, and your reaction to other people. Everything is monitored and reported on in your dreams.

When you sleep, with your focus on the physical world suspended, your higher-self sends you dreams to guide and heal you. They are very specific. They are not a one-way transmission. They are a dialogue between your higher-self and your soul. From examining the dialogue and looking at your reaction to the message of the dream, you can learn a lot about who you are and why you came here, along with you willingness to accept your life purpose.



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