Being Late in a Dream

#10 Being Late in a Dream
Top Ten Most Common Dreams (Series)

September 08, 2017

Being late, in a dream, is symbolic of being on the karmic path. Compared to what you planned, and promised, before coming to the earth plane, youíre behind on your goals. Yes, thatís right. You made plans and set goals to achieve while youíre here. And those goals dovetail in with other peoples plans and goals. When you fail to achieve yours, you impact theirs. ďDonít worry about it. When you are on the earth plan,. I will be ready by the time you need me. When your son transitions early, I will help you make sense of the trauma.Ē But you didnít! You never got into counseling. Youíre making more money doing a 9 to 5 job you hate thatís sucking the life out of your soul. Achieving retirement wonít make it worthwhile. There is no spiritual growth left for you there. The more you stay in that job, the more you incur karma when you fail to meet the promises you made to others.

Youíd be pretty mad if your doctor didnít show up for your surgery. In fact, so too would your family, your friends and all of his or her colleagues. They showed up! Youíre not alone. In the Western World, when it comes to spiritual development Ė people are just not showing up, and they are leaving others hanging. Sometimes badly. They think it is okay because everyone else is NOT doing it. Well, thatís not okay either! They are incurring karma for that too. When they transition and review their life, they will see exactly how their inaction impacted the souls they had made promises to. During that review, with full understanding and empathy, they will take on debts to those they wronged.

What causes you to be late reveals more details on the dreamís message. For instance, heavy traffic means your career is keeping you off your real path. A delay because you lost your phone means poor communication is holding you back. Often, this is communication with your guides. Youíre not listening to what they are telling you.

What you are late to is also revealing. Late to a wedding means you need to balance your male or female side. Late for an airplane departure means there is a new project that you need to run with. Late to class reminds you that you are here to learn about yourself. Thatís the whole point.



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