Death, Dying and Funerals in a Dream

#9 Death, Funerals & Dying in a Dream
Top Ten Most Common Dreams (Series)

September 09, 2017

Death, Funerals, and Dying come in at number 9. There are actually two different types of dreams in there with different meanings so I’m going to take them separately.

Death & Funerals

These dreams scare people but they shouldn’t. They are not a prophecy of death. It’s really simple. A funeral in a dream asks you, “With regard to what you intend doing, how would you do it differently, if that person was no longer around?” They ask you that because you’re currently doing something that you shouldn’t be doing ONLY because they are around.

A real life example will illustrate this. A friend of mine is a successful journalist and a single mom. She lives on her own with her son. When her son was a few years old she really wanted to have another kid. Both for herself and for her son. But she didn’t, because she thought her dad would be disappointed if she got pregnant again without being married. When her son was about to turn 7 she was thinking if she waits any longer, her children will be too far apart in age. She was feeling she had cheated her son out of his best friend. Well, she had a dream where her father had died, and she asked me about it. I asked her, “what would you do differently if your dad was not around? That’s what the dream wants you to consider.” She explained her predicament and said she’d have another child in a heartbeat.

In important areas like this, don’t change your life for other people. Her dad was not directly influencing her on this. He didn’t even know anything about it. How much are you changing your life because of your perception of how others would react?

Your Funeral

A related dream is where you die or you see your own funeral. Dreams do indeed warn you about your death, but this is not how they do it. This dream says, an aspect of you must die in order for another, more positive aspect, to find expression. It’s actually a good dream. Is there something new you’re doing? Are you working on yourself? This dream shows you’re making progress. But you must realize that in order to fully change, you must let go of something you are currently doing that is blocking the positive change. If you are not doing anything new, this dream is a prophecy that major change is coming your way. Something you are doing now, and that could include your career, will change dramatically in your future.


Sometimes dreams use what is happening in reality as their focus. If someone close to you is dying or recently died and you are dreaming about them, the dream intends to help you deal with the trauma of the process. Other symbols in the dream convey necessary parts of the dream’s message.

More commonly, the dream features a relative who is not dying in reality or has died a long time ago. But they don’t need to be a relative in your dream. A female dying, warns that you are letting your female side die. Look at the friend or relative in question. What ability has she got? Is she a medium? Is she psychic? You are letting that part of you die by not infusing any energy into it. This is not a dream to take lightly. A balanced flow of female energy, including balanced expression of feelings, is vital to keeping your heart and circulatory system healthy. So getting into using your gift will also be healthy for your heart.

It may not be about a gift. It could simply be telling you to breathe life into your female side. Share your feelings. It’s a necessary part of understanding who you are.



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