Naked in public in a Dream

#4 Naked in Public in a Dream
Top Ten Most Common Dreams (Series)

September 16, 2017

Being naked asks you to be yourself, with regard to the subject matter of the dream. Donít dress things up out of fear. The disturbing feeling, commonly associated with this type of dream, indicates the level of discomfort you have in being yourself in the given situation. If you are currently undergoing therapy, this dream shows it is working well, and restoring your sense of identity.

More commonly, however, it means you recently held back in a conversation or when you had an opportunity to express how you feel. The dreams says it would have been good to be yourself at that time.

Clothes represent attitudes in dreams. The clothes we wear project a persona to others. Whether it is what we wear at work - for example, police uniform, teacher's robes, bus driver's uniform, baker, clerk or business attire - or what we wear to the club or on a date. They all make a statement about our perceived role and who we are in advance of anything we do or say. Being naked asks you to drop all projection and perceived roles and just be your unvarnished self. It will aid your development.


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