Out Of Control Vehicle in a Dream

#8 Out Of Control Vehicle in a Dream
Top Ten Most Common Dreams (Series)

September 10, 2017

An Out of control vehicle makes our list but Iím surprised to see this one in the top ten. Hereís what it means. Firstly, driving a car is good in a dream. We use cars to get from where we are to where we need to be, so they indicate striving towards your goals in dreams. An out of control car means there is something amiss with your striving. See what I did there? Driving / Striving? Ah, come on! That was a good one!

Whatís wrong on the car? Are the brakes not working? Thatís not so bad in a dream. The real question is, why are you hitting the brakes in the first place? Donít you want to get to where youíre going? Do you think youíre going too fast? So the real problem then is that youíd rather take a longer route to get to where you need to go Ė or youíd rather go somewhere else. It is only your fears that are making you want to slow down.

Is the car sliding backwards? That means, you need to look at something in your past (behind you in the dream) in order to move forward. The something your past isnít necessarily bad. Remember that presenterís course you thought youíd never need? Go back and do it. Are you driving backwards? Your focus on the past is keeping you stuck there.

Are the headlights not working? You need to trust your intuition will show you the way.

The dream does show that you need to get a handle on where you are going in life. Align your goals with your life purpose. Do whatís needed to keep you healthy so you can achieve that purpose. Frequently these dreams come when you are consciously attempting to develop yourself and the dream is just your fears that youíre getting it wrong. Relax. The only way to get it wrong is to do nothing.

Dream with an out of control vehicle

The following dream is my own and is a segment from show #109. This segment is 7 minutes long and demonstrates how dreams show what is blocking your abilities. In my case I had asked what was blocking my dream interpretation ability!


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