Taking an Exam in a Dream

#5 Taking an Exam in a Dream
Top Ten Most Common Dreams (Series)

September 15, 2017

Taking an exam in a dream is a very positive omen. It means you are ready to move from one state of consciousness to another. Your awareness has increased to such an extent that your higher-self is giving you the green light to move to the next stage.

If you are considering starting a new project, making a career move, etc., this dream is a spiritual endorsement of that move. If you're in therapy, the dream indicates a successful milestone has been achieved.

The fear that often accompanies these dreams is not warranted in reality. That is just your fear projected into the dream. Your spiritual authority, on the other hand, has every confidence in you. In waking life, you are not allowed sit an exam until authorities deem you have studied the requisite material sufficiently. The exam presented in the dream is analogous. Your higher-self and your guides deem you've completed the lessons at your current level and are ready to graduate to the next one.


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