Flying in a Dream

#6 Flying in a Dream
Top Ten Most Common Dreams (Series)

September 13, 2017

Flying symbolizes that you have a strong intellect, which you can use to mentally rise above your problems. The dream intends to get you to see your issues from a higher perspective and thus diminish them. And it works. You almost always feel exhilarated upon waking from a flying dream. This is precisely because your problems have become smaller through your dream. It reminds me of the quote, “Worrying doesn’t take away tomorrow’s troubles – it takes away today’s peace”. This dream alleviates your worry and restores your peace.

The strong intellect, symbolized by a flying dream, is a very practical ability. If you’ve had flying dreams, you are most likely aware you have it. When you have had enough of a particular problem you can step back and consciously decide to see the bigger picture. It only takes about twenty seconds, but it doesn’t happen on its own. You have to mentally do it.

Flying also symbolizes projecting your mind and this means three abilities are part of your nature.

The first is, that you have the ability to project your mind onto others. You can use this to good and bad effect. It is very useful in marketing, sales and teaching. But be careful not to think badly of others, as your negative thoughts can have a negative effect on them. Whether you believe in karma or not you will bring it on yourself for doing this.

The second is the ability to hypnotize others. Hypnosis is achieved by the practitioner projecting their mind onto their subject. This is regardless of other tools the hypnotist may use or believe is doing the hypnosis for them. It is their mental projection onto the mind of the subject that makes it work. You can derive from this, that hypnosis will come more naturally to people who fly in their dreams than people who don’t.

The third ability is absent healing – which is healing from afar. This is what Jesus performs on the centurion’s servant in the bible. You can see how they are all related. Each one involves projecting the mind. In this one the healer thinks their subject well. Their thought pattern of healing overrides the subjects thought pattern for illness. Instead of thinking yourself to better health, you’re doing it for someone else.

Flying with a guide

Flying with a guide in a dream indicates you are a channel. You can travel to the spirit world to communicate with spirits and bring back the messages you receive. A guide is anyone with a title, anyone who speaks with authority or anyone who offers you a gift in a dream. Flying down and landing symbolizes your birth (arrival onto the planet).


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