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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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A bathroom represents purity, cleansing of ideas or attitudes and physical elimination. This is particularly true when attention is not drawn to a specific device in the bathroom.

In dreams about the physical body the bathroom can also symbolize the liver, kidneys or colon. Emphasis is often given to specific items in the bathroom in this case. In this case the bathroom taps would symbolize your kidneys. The waste pipes and drains represent your colon. The toilet bowl represents your bowel. Any sort of straining device, particularly one using organic material would indicate your liver.

Bathroom walls indicate the walls of your intestines. If the paper or plaster is falling off the walls it indicates the lining of your intestines is damaged.


A bathtub can represent the uterus. This is because water represents life and a bath is a vessel that holds water. A dark shadow spreading from the plughole can indicate endometriosis.

Being a place of cleansing a bathtub can also represent the need to eliminate a negative influence in your life.


A baton is a male symbol and indicates that you have a male energy approach to life or the subject matter of the dream. You need to restore balance between male and female aspects of yourself. Female energy allows you to forgive, listen, have two-way communication, lead and more. All aspects worthy of developing.


A battery, being a pump, represents your heart and circulatory system since the heart is your body’s pump.

A dead battery or battery trouble means you are not doing what is required to keep your heart engaged and healthy. We easily accept that our heart needs the right diet and exercise but forget that our heart also needs emotional expression for optimum health.


A bay, being part of the sea where life originated, represents your life. It can also be about your spiritual life since ultimately life is a spiritual journey.

Bay Window

A bay window, particularly if it is in your mother’s house, represents the womb. The dream is showing how you are still affected today by something from way back in the past. Because these dreams are about being born, they often include symbols that indicate something precious you brought with you on this life journey. It is something that for you, gives expression of your soul and makes you feel connected to life.


A beach represents your spiritual approach or your approach to life itself. The sea represents life since that is where life on earth began. The beach is the approach to the sea so symbolically represents your approach to life. Any unpolluted water in a dream can also indicate your spiritual side.


A bear, due to its brown color, symbolizes your elimination system.


Beds symbolize your reproductive system, sex, rest, meditation and astral activities.

A bed can symbolize your reproductive system since most procreation takes place in one.

Beds also symbolize your sexuality. This can occur if you repress your sexuality. This is nothing to do with sexual preference. For instance, if you view your gender in a negative way as a result of past trauma, present career or any other reason, your dreams will consistently ask you to accept your sexuality as a fundamental part of your nature. For example, driving a bed down the street is asking you to get in touch with your sexual energy and include it in your pursuits. Don’t confuse this with sexual preference. Our creative energy is intricately linked with our sexual energy and is affected by any blocks we may have in this area.

A raised bed is more likely to be about meditation and spiritual matters. When this is the subject matter the bed is often not in a bedroom.

For obvious reasons beds can also indicate you need rest.

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