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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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Zero is the perfect symbol with no beginning or end and as such in dreams it indicates God, ideals and goals. For example, 70 would indicate Spiritual ideals and 30 would indicate commitment to your goals.


One is a male number and indicates individuality and creativity. These are two sides of the same coin. The more individual you remain the more creative you are as you do your own thing rather than follow the crowd. This number can also indicate that you are being selfish with regard to the subject matter of the dream. This number will almost always be shown with other numbers and is usually first. For example, catching the 17 bus tells you that your spiritual journey (7) is unique (1). One can also indicate commitment – being at one with yourself.


Two is a female number and indicates balance, sharing, give and take and two way communication. Two way communication is important for channels (mediums) and as such they will often have dreams littered with the number two, such as, the number 2 itself, weddings, twins or two of anything. Dreaming of the number 2 is not enough in itself to indicate that the dreamer is a channel but it is a very good indicator. The balance indicated by this number can be about communication in your relationship or anything else that is unbalanced in your life. Highways are often used to indicate balance in dreams with emphasis being given to the two way flow on the road. This refers to balance in your heart. Do you share your feelings honestly? Do you always take or do you give too much of yourself?


Three has to do with commitment to the subject matter of the dream. It stands for mind, body and soul and is a request to commit mind body and soul to improving yourself in the direction indicated in the dream. Three will often appear in dreams about the heart as people who have suppressed their feelings often lack passion and commitment for new things in life. It is also similar to a broken 8 in appearance and 8 always symbolizes the heart. A triangle or pyramid also indicate commitment and request the dreamer to meditate on the subject matter of the dream.


Four indicates limitation. For example, catching the number 4 bus would indicate the dreamer is limiting their life journey through their actions or thoughts. A box or square also indicate limitation. This number is very common in dreams and is usually linked with other numbers. A choice between the 23 and 24 buses to Parnell Square reminds you that you have a choice between committing (3) to keeping balance (2) in your life or limiting (4) that balance (2). The rest of the dream indicates where the balance is required. In the previous example it is between work and the dreamer’s relationship (as symbolized by the Irish patriot Parnell).


The number five indicates the karma path in dreams. Literally you are experiencing your world through the five physical senses alone. Dreams with the number five quite often show what you are obliged to develop on this path so look for other symbols to indicate this in the dream.


The number six indicates the dharmic path in dreams. Six symbolizes going beyond the five senses and karma and experiencing life as a spiritual journey in a state of Grace. Choices are made through the heart and the path in life you follow is the path you know is of most benefit to you spiritually. This way of living has a strong connection to life, the spirit world and a great sense of purpose. To others it can appear irrational and crazy at times but that is because they are still experiencing life through karma.


Seven always indicates spiritual enlightenment. Your spiritual center is your seventh chakra which is located at the very top of your head.. A dream where you catch the number 37 bus to church is a request to commit (3) to developing your spiritual side (7 and church). Paying $47 for something indicates that the dreamer is limiting (4) their spiritual nature (7) by not putting enough energy (paying for something) into developing it.


Eight, is the only balanced number and indicates expansion through balance of the heart. If you turn 8 on its side you get ∞. You can easily imagine balancing that shape on the end of your finger. It is also the symbol for infinity which indicates limitless expansion. Eight features in dreams about the heart and circulatory system. The symbol itself is made of two circles and anything circular in a dream symbolizes your circulatory system.


Nine is not very common in dreams and indicates that you are spiritually advanced. It is a reminder to follow your life purpose because within this lifetime you have the potential to repay all your karma and make this your last necessary earth life. It does not mean you cannot come back for another earth experience – rather that you do not have to. If you dream of 9 you would find yourself naturally drawn to learning about spiritual matters.


Ten indicates completion as it is at the end of the set of individual numbers 0 through 9.


Twelve indicates being judgmental as there are twelve people on a jury.

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