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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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A bedroom, like a bed, symbolizes your reproductive system, sex, rest, meditation and astral activities. See Bed.

A bedroom symbolizes your reproductive system as sexual activity takes place there.

A communal bedroom indicates the uterus in particular as the uterus is the only place in the body where another person can sleep.

A dirty bedroom indicates you see sex as dirty. This could be due to an overly strict or religious upbringing that puts a stigma on the sexual act.

A stain on the bedroom floor indicates you feel guilty with regard to sex. This could be due to an overly strict or religious upbringing that puts a stigma on the sexual act. It can also be triggered by strong religious beliefs where indulging in pleasures of the body is seen as evil.

Bedrooms are also a place for rest and sleep and as such can symbolize meditation and astral activities. When this is the case, other symbols in the dream will indicate which activities.

Someone breaking down your bedroom door to attack you can be indicative of sexual abuse.


When a dream places something behind you, it is symbolically putting it in the past. This is in much the same way you would encourage someone to deal with a traumatic event and ask them to put it behind them. In other words do not keep looking at it day after day.

If someone is chasing you, it means something from the past still has a power over you today. While you may feel you are past it, the dreams shows that you are still expending energy trying to get distance between you and it. The feeling that comes up in dreams like this is the key. The dream is attempting to show you that there is a link between the past trauma and that feeling today. If it is a parent, it means that you still have issues with that parent today.


Beige symbolizes the need for tolerance / acceptance. Quite often beige appears in dreams as an antidote to white. It asks the dreamer to be less critical of themselves and others. A woman wearing a beige blouse in a dream asks you to accept your mother as she is. Through doing this you are developing tolerance and growing through it. Parents are always the most difficult to deal with. Life is designed to be that way. I will accept my mother / father if they will just …. fill in the blank yourself. That intolerance will cause you to dream of beige or cream. If a person tells lies about you, do you set out to correct your image in the eyes of everyone they speak to? That can cause you to dream of beige or cream. Don't focus on controlling others. Rather, focus on being the person you know you are.


Belfast is noted the world over for the opposing views of its inhabitants (Unionists and Republicans). As such in dreams, it symbolizes that you are at polar opposites with regard to the subject matter of the dream. For example, if you and your partner are traveling to Belfast it means you and your partner are polar opposites in the relationship – this leads to major conflict.


A door bell ringing is a request to open the door on an opportunity that has come your way. If the door is at the front of the house the opportunity is something new in your future. If the doorbell is at the back of the house the opportunity has to do with resolving something from the past.

A church bell is a reminder that life is a spiritual journey. You are being asked to favor the spiritual path at this time


To dream of a bench can indicate that you are judgmental with regard to the subject matter of the dream.


Bereavement symbolizes your need to eliminate negative influence from the past. An aspect of you has to die before another aspect can find expression. For example, to dream of the death of your father means you need to eliminate the negative influence of your father.

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