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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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To dream of a berth or berthing a ship or boat is a pun on birth and is about the start of your life journey.


The bible symbolizes spirituality or religion. These are not the same thing. Spirituality is expression of your soul and includes things like writing, singing, music, teaching, leading and more.


Bicycles represent your heart, circulatory system and emotions, due to the fact that balance is required to use them. Your heart requires balanced sharing of feelings.

Big Wheel

A big wheel or Ferris Wheel is likely to be about being caught on a karmic cycle. This is where you miss the opportunities in life to repay the karmic debts you owe. The result of which is the need to plan another life to pay the debts you had planned to pay this time around. A Big wheel journey symbolizes this perfectly as it just does a complete cycle and you end up back where you started.


A billboard projects a message into the minds of others and in dreams symbolizes that you have the power to project your mind. This can be used for a number of things.

The first is that you can use your strong intellect to rise mentally above a situation. You don’t always do this though!

Another thing it is useful for is hypnosis, where you project your mind onto a client to help them ‘think’ their way through an issue. Literally your thoughts direct the thoughts of the client.

Another use, although controversial in some circles is absent healing. Here you project your mind onto the client and use your thoughts to think them well. The connection between the brain and the immune system has been established. Absent healing projects positive healing thoughts onto the client with the intention that the healing takes root.

Lastly this strong mind can be used to project thoughts to others, including groups of others.  See flying.


Binding indicates karma you are bound to. For example, to dream of holding a book whose binding is not complete indicates you are obliged through karma to give channeled readings. Readings will complete your karma.


Birds often symbolize goals or ideals as they are something we usually have to look up to. This is true even if the bird in the dream is on the ground or dead.

In mythology an eagle is said to fly so high that it can see the past present and future from its high vantage point. Due to this an eagle in a dream indicates that you have the gift of prophecy. High flying birds indicate the same thing.

An ostrich indicates there is something you are refusing to face.

A dead bird, other than a crow or other carrion bird is a request to put life into the pursuit of your goals. Don’t just sit and wait for them to come to you. You need to get the off the ground.

A chicken indicates your relationship, as chicken is often used as a term of endearment.

A frozen chicken indicates that you are being cold in your relationship and need to be warmer towards your partner.

A crow or other carrion bird, because they eat dead and rotting flesh, can represent cancer. Bear in mind that dreams warn of cancer in plenty of time to do what it takes to prevent it from developing. A crow burrowing into a part of your body indicates where the cancer is likely to present itself. If left untreated it will continue to cause more and more harm to the body.

A dead crow is a good symbol and indicates that your immune system is successfully fighting off the cancer cells.

A crow can also represent depression. In these dreams the crow is more likely to be on its own and circling overhead, perhaps over the rooftop of a building. In this case you often feel fear when facing the crow. The crow often appears alone as that reflects how you are at present.

A bird flying on one wing is a symbol for alcoholism due to the phrase, “A bird never flew on one wing.” This is a common response when asked if you need another drink. This dream shows you a bird flying on one wing to encourage you to say no to the next drink.

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