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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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To dream of you or someone else giving birth means a new aspect of yourself is about to be born. It is your responsibility to develop this side of yourself. This is always a positive dream, as to allow a new aspect of yourself to flourish you must let go of whatever kept it suppressed. This dream usually comes after doing some developmental work on yourself.


To dream of a birthday or birthday present is a dream’s way of bringing you back to your own birth. This is regardless of whose birthday is being celebrated in the dream. The rest of the dream will be about how the circumstances of your birth affect you today. This can be positive or negative.


Black on its own indicates negativity along the lines of fear, anxiety, resentment, hatred or guilt. A black stain, for example, would indicate guilt. When mixed with other colors, black adds a negative aspect to their meaning.

Black and white together indicates you have a tendency to see life or the subject matter of the dream in black and white terms. This comes across as being intolerant or extremist. You see others are either with you or against you. There is no neutral position allowed. You need to be more tolerant. Another difficulty with being black and white about things is that you judge things as being either in the right or wrong camp. If presented with a third option it must also fit into the right or wrong camp but only one idea can fit into the right one. In order to open your mind to something new, you have to first manage to move the current right idea into the wrong camp and that’s a big task to ask. If you allow for more than just right and wrong you can have many shades in-between. Then you can have something that is almost right. Not being able to eliminate concepts that are holding you back, eventually leads the body into not being able to eliminate waste matter efficiently and manifests as a slow moving colon along with the issues that can go along with that.

Black and red together indicate anger – negative passion.

Black and orange as a color combination in dreams indicates ambition driven out of fear and always indicates career. Tigers have this color combination so often symbolize career in dreams.


A blackboard in a classroom indicates you have a spiritual leadership ability to work with groups and help them to expand their consciousness to take them out of the dark. Spiritual leadership works through empowering others to achieve for themselves, rather than doing something for them. It also indicates another ability which works in combination with your leadership. You also have the ability to project your mind so that when you are engaged with others, they connect completely with what you are saying. It is like you are putting your hands inside their heads and rearranging their thought process.


To dream of being blind can be indicative of you being blind in a past life. If you or someone else is blind in the dream it can also indicate you are unwilling to see or look for the solution to a current problem.


Blonde as a color indicates tolerance and acceptance.

If it is blonde hair in the dream, it signifies the character is a guide. Hair represents thoughts so the blonde hair represents purity of thought.


Blue symbolizes expression and includes spirituality, religion, art, culture, philosophy and attitude to life itself. It is one of the most common colors in dreams and is used to show your attitude to the subject matter. If other colors are mixed with it, you are asked to do what it takes to remove them from your philosophy if they are negative (dark or polluted colors), and to add them if they are positive colors. For example, dark blue or navy, a mix of blue (philosophy) and black (negativity), indicates a negative philosophy of life or attitude towards the subject matter of the dream, while blue and white asks you to lighten your attitude or philosophy with regard to the subject matter of the dream.

Blue and gold asks you to regard your spiritual healing ability as positive in your life.

Blue and silver asks you to regard your psychic / intuitive ability as positive in your life.


A boat can represent your physical body. Is the boat in good shape? What is the dream emphasizing about the boat?

A boat journey represents your life journey. Check out to see what else is significant in the dream as this is how the dream comments on where you are on your journey.

If your partner is with you on a boat, the dream is about your relationship.

A small boat can indicate you as a child but it can also indicate that you feel on your own when navigating through life.

A speed boat, being a source of great power, indicates you have the gift of hands on healing. Literally you have a source of great power at your disposal.

A lifeboat indicates you have the ability to rescue lost souls. This is an unusual gift and is used while your body sleeps. In actuality you can traverse the astral plane with ease. We all go there when asleep and souls who are crossing over after death can find themselves lost and confused. You and others like you specialize in finding them and helping them make their journey. You particularly use this when someone close to you dies. Apart from dreams of rescuing someone at sea, most people with this ability are blissfully unaware of it.

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