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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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Bars symbolize socializing, repression of feelings or your spiritual nature. Getting drunk symbolizes repression of feelings as alcohol desensitizes you. Alcohol is a spirit so can also indicate your spiritual nature.


Being barefoot in a dream indicates having cold feet with regard to the subject matter of the dream. The subject is given by other symbols in the dream. For example, finding yourself barefoot in the lobby of a hotel with your partner is about how your reception at birth (hotel) is holding you back from moving forward (barefoot) in your relationship today (with your partner in dream).


A barn symbolizes your digestive system or colon. For example, steaming hay in a barn or a moldy barn indicates you have the condition candida albicans.


A barrier that acts like a fence means you suppress your feelings. This is used to mark your personal space. In dreams this is a symbol of sharing and indicates suppression of feelings. You do not share your feelings with others and more importantly you do not acknowledge your feelings yourself. Feelings come from your heart and persistent suppression can lead to health problems in this area. Also look for symbols to do with your head such as roofs or being up a height as these dreams are often asking you to move your centre of consciousness down from your head and into your heart.

A barrier at a check point such as a customs post is about expanding your consciousness. See Customs Post.

An obstacle on your path acting like a barrier indicates that you are blocking your progress with regard to the subject matter of the dream. This is regardless of the fact that you did not put the obstacle there in the dream. If you know who put it there then you are letting the influence of that person block you from doing what you need to do. If it is non-personal, such as wet cement on the pavement, you need to improve the health of your colon in order to continue in the direction of your goal.


Anyone with a title in a dream is a guide and you always have the ability they are displaying in the dream. A barrister is the senior counselor in a court of law. The dream is saying that you have the ability to counsel others. You are a counselor. Quite often in these dreams a woman will appear prominently.


A basement indicates your subconscious or something that is below your conscious awareness. It is buried below a level which you can see.


A baby basket indicates your reproductive system and uterus in particular.

A flower basket can also indicate your reproductive system.


A basketball signifies ideals / goals. Career is indicated by the black and orange color combination so the dream may refer to your career goals.

A basketball game is about how you pursue your goals in life.


A bat (the animal) signifies you have an angry or negative mind with regard to the subject matter of the dream. It also signifies you have special abilities – see Flying for more.

A bat or club indicates that your male side controls your attitude to life or the subject matter of the dream.


A bath can represent your uterus. This is because water represents life and a bath is a vessel that holds water. For the same reason a bath drain can represent your cervix. A dark shadow coming from the bath drain can indicate a condition such as endometriosis.

Being a place of cleansing a bath can also represent the need to eliminate some idea you are holding onto or indeed physical elimination.

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