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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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A badger represents the elimination system for two reasons. The first is the black and white color combination which indicates the colon. The second is that the badger is a carnivore that digs into earth to find prey. As a result a badger can indicate a health warning with the colon. Try to eliminate or cut down on food items referenced in the same dream.


Due to its height, dreaming of being on a balcony means that you operate from your head. Logic and analysis are your methods for determining your actions. The dream points out your position to ask you to come down from your head and include your heart in the decision making process.

An important figure above you on a balcony, particularly someone with a title or who speaks with authority, is in the dream to guide you. Their advice is infallible. Sometimes they take on a negative position to show you how you are acting with regard to the subject matter of the dream.


To dream of being bald indicates you are refusing to think about the subject matter of the dream. If someone else in the dream is bald it can mean the same thing. However, it could also be about how someone else is affecting your thinking.


A ball represents an ideal or a goal. Anything circular in a dream can symbolize this. A soccer game, for example, represents your pursuit of goals.


A balloon represents an ideal or a goal. Anything circular in a dream can symbolize this but a balloon is also something you look up to - symbolizing a request for you to aspire to achieving your goal.


Bamboo, being wooden and a long tube, indicates your colon. It can also indicate you are a channel as it is a tube that is open at both ends.


Banks control the flow of money in circulation and as such they symbolize your heart, circulatory system and emotions. When specifically about emotions they indicate suppression of feelings.

A bank account also indicates your feelings but in this case the attention is being drawn to how balanced your heart is. Do you share your feelings or do you hide them from others? Constant suppression of emotions can lead to physical problems with your heart and circulatory system.

An overdrawn bank account means you are being asked to address the imbalance as a matter of importance.

A bank robbery is not what it appears. With the bank symbolizing your heart the ‘robbers’ are forcing you to give from your heart. However, in your case the feeling in waking life is that when you give you get nothing in return – this indicates an inability to share.

A river bank, earthy and muddy indicates your colon. Quite often these dreams link the state of your bloodstream with the state of your colon reminding you that what you eat ends up in your bloodstream. In particular, foods that your system cannot digest or eliminate properly build up toxins in your colon which then seep into your bloodstream.

A river bank, green with clear water indicates your heart, emotions and bloodstream.


A banner is symbolic of a title or qualification. Usually in dreams it is indicative of a perceived need for a qualification to feel entitled to do what you are already capable of.


To dream of a banquet is a request to be selective about the food you eat, and to eat what is required to keep your body healthy. Do not starve yourself. This is a common symbol for people who are damaging their body through excessive dieting.

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