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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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A trial indicates you are judgmental / critical in nature. You put yourself and others on trial.


A triangle symbolizes mediation and commitment in dreams. Focus your mind, body and soul on the subject matter of the dream.


To dream of a trick indicates a level of mistrust or lack of belief in the subject matter of the dream.


Halloween trick or treat indicates that you have a spiritual healing ability (can treat others) but that you do not believe this is a real ability – it’s a trick / fake. You need to do something to open your mind to it.


A tricycle is a balanced bicycle and symbolizes your heart. It also symbolizes commitment due to the connection with the number 3.


A truck can symbolize your father or career. To dream of urinating in the back of a pickup truck is a request to eliminate the negative influence you picked up from your father (truck) in the past (back of truck).


A car trunk indicates your elimination system. Trunks are used to carry groceries and they are the back door to the car.

A car trunk can indicate the uterus, yours or your mothers, in some dreams.

A tree trunk is usually brown so can indicate the colon.

A telephone trunk line is about communication and channeling with spirits.


A tube can indicate you are a channel – you can communicate with spirits. The symbolism here is that a tube, like a channel, is open at both ends.


Tubing is commonly about your intestines – particularly your colon if it is about six feet long.


Turf symbolizes your colon due to its brown color.


Turkey (the country) symbolizes a blending of varying traditions. Turkey is a bridge between two continents, Europe and Asia. It is bordered by eight countries and has a unique blend of Islamic and Western traditions.


Turquoise is a mix of blue and green and as such asks you to include how you are feeling with your philosophy of life. For example, if your circumstance makes you feel the need to portray a positive outlook despite how you really feel, turquoise in your dream asks you to drop that and show your feelings as they are.

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