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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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A TV indicates you are clairvoyant – you can see things from a distance.

TV Personality

A TV Personality in your dream indicates you have a powerful intellect which brings with it the gifts of absent healing, projection and hypnosis.

Projecting your mind onto others can be used to good and bad effect. It is very useful in marketing, sales and teaching. Be careful not to think badly of others as your negative thoughts can have a negative effect on them. Whether you believe in karma or not you bring it on yourself for doing this.

Hypnosis is achieved by the practitioner projecting their mind onto their subject. This is regardless of other tools the hypnotist may use in their work. It is their mental projection onto the mind of the subject that makes it work.

TV Station

A TV station indicates a strong intellect, absent healer, projector and hypnotist. See TV Personality


Twins indicate you are a channel / medium – you can communicate with spirits.


A twister indicates your state of mind / stress.


To dream of a typewriter indicates you have a special writing ability. You may already know this because you are drawn to it. If you have not already written something give it a try. It is you.

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