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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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Reproductive system. See Teeth.


A tornado indicates mental stress.


A tractor or any tracked vehicle symbolizes your digestive tract. This is because of the pun on tract but also because these vehicles are associated with working with dirt or dirt tracks.


Traffic in dreams symbolizes career. Being caught in traffic means your career is hindering the achievement of your life purpose. It is also indicative of being on the karmic path.

Two-way flow of traffic is about your heart and the two-way flow of feelings (sharing with others) required to keep your heart emotionally and physically healthy.


A train can symbolize a number of things. It commonly symbolizes your digestive system. Here the train moving along the track is symbolic of food moving along your digestive tract. In fact any track, especially a train track is generally about your digestive tract.

A train journey symbolizes your life journey or the current phase of your life journey.  In this case, a train station indicates the beginning or end of the phase. If you meet your parents on the train station platform, it is clearly about the beginning of your life. Other symbols in the dream will indicate what you need to include on your journey. For example, if the train is silver you are being reminded that you are to develop and use your psychic ability / intuition as you travel your journey.

A train set also symbolizes your life journey.

A train carriage is a common symbol for the womb and is bringing you right back to before your birth and early childhood. The train is still about your life journey but the very start is being emphasized as being important. Carriage is a common term referring to babies - for example, baby carriage and miscarriage. It is common in these dreams to show the conditions of the womb by their being no windows in the carriage. While it may seem ridiculous that you could have any memory or lasting effect from that time in your life, look at the dream to see why it is important enough for you to be getting a message about it.

Train station

A train station symbolizes the start of your life journey or the start or end of a phase of your life journey. For example, stepping off a train onto the platform symbolizes your birth.

Treasure Chest

A treasure chest symbolizes your spiritual nature and spiritual gifts. Your spiritual gifts are the most precious part of your nature.


The symbol treat most likely means you have a hands-on healing ability, which you can use to treat others. This is the same ability Jesus uses in the bible to heal others. Hands-on healing involves channeling energy through your body and projecting that life energy into your client. If it shows up in a Halloween trick or treat setting, it means that you do not believe this is a real ability – it’s a trick. Given the society we grew up in, having that view is understandable but you need to do something to open your mind to it.


A garden tree, especially in the front garden, is indicative of the family tree and your reproductive system.

A forest tree is usually about your elimination system / colon due to the strong brown color of a forest.

A rotting tree represents your colon.

A tree without leaves also indicates your colon.

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