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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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Thunder indicates emotions as it includes lightning. Any symbol of fire represents your heart, circulatory system and emotions in a dream.


A ticket indicates a karmic debt to be paid. If the ticket is already paid for in your dream you are being asked to realise that your karma is paid already.

A speeding ticket indicates you incurred a karmic debt with regard to striving towards your goals (driving). Are you imposing on others in the pursuit of your goals?

Tidal Wave

A tidal wave indicates emotional turmoil – life (water) is threatening.

If you nearly drowned as a child you can also dream of tidal waves. For example, to dream of a 100 foot tidal wave approaching your house can indicate you nearly drowned at age 10. Dreams tend to exaggerate and here the age is exaggerated.


A tiger indicates career due to the color combination of orange and black. Traffic also indicates career and for this reason it is common to dream of tigers walking in traffic.


Tights symbolize your intestines.


Tiles are generally square and indicate you limit yourself in some way. For example, black and white tiles in a bathroom ask you to eliminate (bathroom) your black and white attitude as this can affect your health (colon) and your openness to new ideas.

White tiles show that you are too much of a perfectionist. You set the bar so high that you rarely achieve your own standard. The result is to criticize yourself for this failing, rather than to accept what you did achieve. Cream is the antidote to this and indicates the need for self-acceptance.


A toddler can indicate influences you picked up around the age of the toddler in the dream.


Toilets have to do with elimination. The elimination being asked for can be a negative trait, the effects of a trauma or the negative influence of someone in your life.

 When dreams focus on the physical toilet, it is about your physical elimination system. For example, if the toilet is blocked with milk cartons is means your body cannot eliminate milk or dairy products properly so you need to cut down on dairy products or cut them out.

A toilet bowl symbolizes your bowel.


Tomatoes symbolize passion. They are referred to as passion fruit due to their red color. Red on its own in dreams is also indicative of passion.


A tomb indicates your digestive and elimination system. A morbid symbolic link exists because both the digestive system and a tomb are used to receive dead meat.

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