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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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A poster signifies strong intellect, absent healer, projector and hypnotist. See flying.

Projecting your mind onto others can be used to good and bad effect. It is very useful in marketing, sales and teaching. Be careful not to think badly of others, as your negative thoughts can have a negative effect on them. Whether you believe in karma or not you will bring it on yourself for doing this.

Hypnosis is achieved by the practitioner projecting their mind onto their subject. This is regardless of other tools the hypnotist may use to distract their subject. It is their mental projection onto the mind of the subject that makes it work.


A postman is a guide in a dream and whatever ability a guide has you have too. A postman’s job is to deliver messages to people and so symbolizes channeling. You have the ability to receive messages from the spirit world and pass them on to people.

Potted Plant

A potted plant symbolizes your reproductive system as this is where the seeds for new life are sown, cared for, loved and nourished to maturity. As such they symbolize children and pregnancy in dreams. For example, to dream of a potted sunflower on the table tells you that there is likely a son (sun flower) in your future (on the table).

Power line

A power line symbolizes you are a hands-on healer. See power plant.

Power plant

A power plant means you are a hands-on healer. This is one of the types of healing attributed to Jesus in the bible. Like the power plant you have a source of power within you. This power can be channeled into others by placing your hands on them and letting the energy flow.

Power source

See Power plant.


Pregnancy in a dream, whether yours or someone else’s, does not foretell you will become pregnant. Rather, it indicates that a new and positive aspect of you is developing. Other symbols in the dream will indicate what this is. These dreams normally happen when you are consciously trying to change or opening your mind to something new.


To dream of the president or leader of a country means you are a spiritual leader. Spiritual leaders lead through empowering others to tackle their own challenges. This gift works through our female side so quite often, either the leader is a woman or the leader’s wife is introduced in the dream.


The price you are asked to pay for something is indicative of the energy you are being asked to commit to the subject matter of the dream. The tag can also indicate the direction in which this will take your life. For example a six in the price indicates a move towards dharma. Seven indicates it is part of your spiritual path. Refer to the chapter on numbers for more information.


To dream of the musician Prince means you are a channel / medium as music comes from the spirit world.

To dream of a royal prince means you are a spiritual leader and teacher. This works through empowering others to deal with their own challenges and is a female energy gift. Since a prince is male it means you lack confidence at this time with regard to being a leader. You have not yet come into your own.


To dream of a royal princess means you are a spiritual leader and teacher. This works through empowering others to deal with their own challenges and is a female energy gift. It requires compassion and listening.


Prison symbolizes your heart and emotions. Specifically it means that you suppress your feelings. You keep your heart in a cage so that others cannot get close to you. The logic behind the action is that if people cannot get close they cannot hurt your feelings. Over time you can become so good at suppressing your feelings that you do not even acknowledge them to yourself. For example, a dream where a woman reluctantly releases you from prison means that you are reluctant to open up or share your feelings with others.

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