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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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Plastic is man made and indicates something unnatural.

Plastic wrapping often indicates a man made obstacle to spiritual understanding. Literally the spiritual goal you are trying to reach is obscured by conventional views. Discarding plastic wrapping indicates you are clearing through this.


A plate can symbolize an ideal or goal. Any circle in a dream can indicate this, as circles have no beginning and no end, so are symbolic of the divine. For example, to dream of hitting someone on the head with a plate in a shopping mall, warns you of the need to be responsible (shopping mall) when it comes to pushing your ideals (plate) onto others.

A dirty plate indicates you need to cleanse your colon.

A plate of food shown in a negative way indicates food items you need to cut down or cut out of your diet.

Play pen

A play pen indicates the uterus – a place for a child to develop.


To dream of a poet or writer means you have a creative writing ability and you are being asked to use this in your life as a means of connecting with your inner core. Through writing, you will find your distinctive style of expression and expand your understanding of yourself. For example, to dream of writing mathematical equations would mean that through the deduction process engaged in while you write, you will expand your awareness of yourself.


Police are guides / angels in a dream. Their presence is a reminder that your guides are aware of everything you do and are there waiting to be asked to help.

If a police officer is giving you a ticket it means you are failing in your obligations or life purpose in some way. For instance a ticket for drink driving means you are being told that drinking alcohol is affecting the pursuit of your goals. A parking ticket is telling you that now is the time for action – set goals and pursue them.


Politicians represent your guides / guardian angels in a dream. Quite often guides demonstrate to you the way you are in reality. Guides are infallible and incorruptible. So if you dream of a corrupt politician it does not mean one of your guides had gone renegade – rather you have corrupted your life purpose. Your guides are aware of it and are asking you to correct the situation.


A pond often indicates your bladder, particularly a small back garden pond with a water feature. Sludge at the bottom of the pond indicates the state of your colon and that toxins are seeping from your colon into your blood stream.


A pool is about your spiritual side. These dreams normally focus on specific spiritual abilities which are indicated by other symbols in the dream. The significance of the pool is that it is a contained body of water with no outlet. The dream is asking you to remove any tendency you have to contain or limit your ability and to create an outlet for it in your life.

Diving into a pool, whether it is you or others in the dream, is a request to dive into life and / or your spiritual side.

The game of pool is about pursuit of goals in the game of life. Anything spherical in a dream represents goals.

Post office

A post office indicates you have an ability to communicate with spirits. The old term for this is medium but it is now referred to as being a channel.  A channel receives messages from spirits and Angels and passes them on to their intended recipients. A post office is the perfect symbol for this as its purpose is to receive messages and pass them on to their intended recipient.

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