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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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A pig can indicate overeating or that you are not comfortable with your body. This can be to do with your looks or it can be that you suppress animal desires in favor of spiritual pursuits. Animal desires in this context also include essentials like eating and sleeping. The pink color of the pig asks you to love yourself unconditionally.

A pig head can indicate you are being pig headed about the subject matter of the dream.


Having a title, a pilot is a guide. It indicates you have a strong intellect and can project your mind onto others. It also indicates you have counseling / teaching abilities where you can work with large groups of people.


Pink, a mix of red (passion) and white (perfection), indicates love. To dream of this color is enough to show that you did not bond well with your mother or that she did not love unconditionally. The most significant bond is at birth, so it is likely the dream brings you right back to the start of childhood. A poor bond affects the flow of female energy within and negatively impacts on spiritual gifts that require a female energy flow such as intuition, counseling, and teaching.


A pipe that is part of a central heating system symbolizes your circulatory system. For example, if a steam pipe in an office bursts, it means that pressure (steam) in work (office) is putting a strain on your heart that could lead to a serious health problem (pipe bursting).

A drain pipe symbolizes your colon or bladder.

An organ pipe means you are a channel. You can communicate with spirits.

Place of origin

To dream of your place of origin shows you are carrying influences from your past. This is a common theme in dreams.

Place of Worship

To dream of a place of worship means that the dream is about your spiritual side / idealism. Look for other symbols in the dream to indicate what you are being specifically asked to develop.


Planes being lofty, can indicate being up in your head or too logical with regard to how you go through life or with regard to the subject matter of the dream. Come down out of your head and let your heart have a say in decisions too.

A plane arrival or landing signifies your birth - your arrival onto the planet.

A plane crash signifies a difficult birth - one that was traumatic emotionally and possibly a life and death situation.

A plane departure signifies the beginning of a new project or phase of your life. Often these dreams show what is holding you back from the new project. For example, to dream of your partner forgetting your passport for the flight signifies there are problems in your relationship and you are blaming this for not getting the new project off the ground.

A fighter plane indicates you are an angry person – ready with a verbal arsenal to win arguments and defend your space. The dream will likely say how this came about and will be encouraging you to soften up.


To dream of plaster falling off the walls indicates you have the condition candida albicans or another condition that is affecting the walls of your digestive system or colon.

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