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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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Pearls are synonymous with wisdom and as such signify that you have an inner wisdom and a counseling ability.

The color pearl white also signifies this in a dream.


To dream of a writing pen symbolizes that you have a gift for writing. This dream is asking you to create space in your life for writing.

A fountain pen indicates the same thing. In this case a fountain is a source, so a fountain pen implies that you are a creative writing source – an inspired writer.

A pen enclosure indicates suppression of feelings. You do not let your feelings out.

A play pen indicates the uterus – a place for a child to develop.

Pen shop

To dream of a pen shop or any shop that specializes in writing implements means you are obliged to develop your writing ability. This is particularly the case if the shop owner is trying to sell you a pen. If the owner is telling you not to buy a pen or taking a pen back at his request it means you are being told writing is not the path for you.

Penalty points

To receive penalty points for speeding or other driving violation signifies that something you are doing is incurring karma. Since driving has to do with pursuit of goals, are you pushing your responsibilities onto someone else while you chase your goals or are you blocking someone from pursuing their goals?

Petrol Pump

A petrol pump symbolizes your heart, circulatory system and emotions. Gas pumps are particularly healing for your heart as they also symbolize a source of energy / power. See Pumps.


A phone can symbolize communication. For example, if you dream about your partner, and there is a telephone in the dream, it is about communication with your partner. The location of the phone can also be significant. For example, a dream of a broken phone in the bedroom means you need to work on sexual communication with your partner.

A phone can also indicate you are telepathic. Telepathy is where you can read other peoples’ minds. If you have this ability you already know it. 


A photocopier reproduces copies of an original and as such symbolizes your reproductive system. Commonly, the copier is located in the bedroom to reinforce its symbolism.


A photograph asks you to be objective about the subject matter of the dream. Step back and look at the present moment rather than everything that lead up to it.


A piano, like any musical instrument, symbolizes that you are a channel / medium. You can communicate with spirits.


A pier in a dream usually has to do with your spiritual side as it is beside water. Pier is also a pun on peer so can indicate that you need to see yourself as the equal of another figure.  This figure may appear in the dream as themselves or symbolically. Lastly, if ships or boats can dock at the pier it can also be about your birth. Another word for dock is berth so this is a pun on birth. Dreams about birth will invariably show your spiritual abilities as you have these from day one.

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